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Jayati Godhawat

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These Ambitious Brides Confess Their Affairs To The Partners Through V-Cards

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  •  February 14, 2017

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the woman whose eyes reflect her ambition.

Our blogger, Komal got engaged this month and while breaking the news to us, she said excitedly, “I’ve already told him (Himanshu) that I don’t want him to give me any jewelry. I want him to create a music studio in his house where I can sing and record.”

It was at this moment that our Lady Boss, Ana, exclaimed, “You are an Ambitious Bride,” and we got the idea for this Valentine’s campaign.

Every girl may dream of her prince charming, but, there’re many of us who dream of a successful career also. They share the same amount of passion and love for their job, profession, business, etc., as for their lovers. For an ambitious woman, her partner is not the only one who completes her; work and career, too, is her better half.

To get the feel of this second love, Indian Women Blog searched for the Ambitious Brides in the Pink City, Jaipur.

As Komal was also a part of the campaign, our interview preparations were done in absence of her (To be fair and just to other girls). Unfortunately, one of the brides couldn’t join us today, but she’ll be there for the second round of our campaign, which is a surprise.

Anyhoo, let me formally introduce you to our Ambitious Brides.

Bride number one is Swati Nakra. Originally from Ajmer, Swati got married four months back and shifted to Jaipur. She works for a Government owned company in the IT sector. She describes her job as her second love.5

Bride number two is our very own Bride-to-be, Komal Panwar. If you follow us, I bet you all know her passion for music. And, for all those who do not know much about her, Komal is a writer, singer, music composer, and ‘magic dust’ distributor.17

Every person dreams of reaching the top of their game and imagine how they would look and feel like when they are finally there. Our ambitious brides started off by describing how they visualize their success.

Swati was the first to answer and I could see the excitement as she explained her dream in a great detail.

“I want to have my own cabin. A big table with a bell! I imagine ringing the bell to call in my Personal Assistant and fixing the appointments for the day. I want to be the head of my company.”

“Okay! Now, it’s my turn,” Komal interrupted.6

“I see myself on a huge stage, with a spotlight on me, and the sea of crowd humming with me,” sighed Komal.9


Me: You are telling your husband, Don’t give me jewelry, give me……?

Swati: I was working in Ajmer before marriage and I’m still awaiting my transfer. So, right now, I would tell my husband, don’t give me jewelry, get my job transfer letter.

We’ve already told you what Komal wants in place of the jewelry. But let me repeat it in her own words.

Komal: Don’t give me jewelry; instead, turn one room into a soundproof music studio where I can keep all the instruments and record music.19

Me: How do you see your partners supporting your dreams?16

Komal: Okay! So, let me first make a confession. When I do vocal practice, I look and sound very funny. So, he SHOULD NOT make fun of me while I practice my vocals as I might get conscious.  Second, if given a choice between watching the cricket match and listening to me while I practice, he should choose me.

Well, what can I say! I’ve seen and heard her doing the vocal practice. Good luck, Himanshu! *LOL*2

Swati: Whenever any added responsibilities come up at home, and I have my work commitments, then he should step up to help.

Me: One fun conversation you have had with your partner about your dreams.

Komal: Ahhh, we spend half of our times discussing our dreams only! We always tell each other that whoever gets famous first will help the other one. Like if he gets successful first then he’ll invest in building up my music career, and if I get famous before him, then I would promote his luxury jewelry brand by endorsing it. LOL!

Me: If you were given a chance, how would you employ your husband in your career field?4

Swati: As I’ll be the head of the company, he, too, will become a partner. Partners in business, partners in Life!

And, partners in crime, too!

Komal: Either, he’ll be the lead guitarist of my band or he’ll be my marketing manager because he’s just too good at negotiating and everything. He’s a baniya know! *pointing towards me*

Baniya and Business= Best combo! Period.

Me: Now, a serious question! After marriage, every person has to make compromises, adjustments, and sacrifices. So, how would you protect your dream amidst these turbulent times?

Swati: *thinking* See, we cannot prioritize between home and work, and so, finding the right balance is the only solution.3

Komal: I second that, balancing is the key! However, one can prioritize and divide the time between household chores and work. It is not difficult to find time for something you are passionate about.

Me: Like behind every successful man is a woman. Behind every successful woman is….?

Swati: Behind every successful woman is her determination and hard work.

Komal: Behind every successful woman is someone who said, ‘You can’t do it.’

After the exciting Q&A round, it was time for a fun task.

Well, all of us know that an integral part of the Valentine’s Day are the greeting cards that you give to your partners to express your love. We, too, asked our ambitious brides to make a Valentine Card for their partners but with a twist. They had to make a card on the theme, ‘Don’t give me Jewelry, give me…’

Komal drew a mic to symbolize that she only wants her fiance’s support to become a global singing sensation.15


And, Swati ditched the diamond ring for the wings. “I want him to always be by my side while I soar high in the sky and achieve my dreams.”12


If you, too, are an ambitious bride or bride-to-be, share with us in the comments, what you tell your partner to give you instead of jewelry.20

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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