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There Is No Contract You Sign That You Will Get Through Life Unscathed: Actor Lisa Ray

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  •  May 13, 2019

Actor and model Lisa Ray has debuted with her memoir ‘Close To The Bone’ that documents her battle with cancer and her journey till date. Diagnosed in 2009, Lisa is now cancer free and a proud mother of twin girls Sufi and Soleil. The book also sheds light on her story of being a young teenage model, growing up in Toronto, all the challenges she faced and how she came out stronger than ever.

It was Maureen Wadia, who heads Gladrags magazine and is one of the forces behind the Mrs. India beauty pageant, who introduced Lisa to Bombay’s celebrity world.

“In Bombay’s mythology, I would learn there are no saints, no villains, only circumstances and the jaded utility of relationship. I kept hearing the murmur of strange rumors…In the time before trolls, there was just this. Words that cut to the bone. I didn’t know this was just a habit of the unhappy rich,” said Lisa.

Reminiscing the long battle she had with cancer, she said, ‘’There is no contract you sign that you will get through life unscathed. That you will be untouched. But no experience is ever wasted. I shut down completely. It was the beginning of a very long emotional hibernation as well as the end of a belief that I was entitled to get through life unscathed.”

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