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The Story Of A Father Carrying His Daughter 4 Kms To Hospital Will Break Your Heart

  • IWB Post
  •  September 3, 2015


This story is extremely heartbreaking for me. I read about this daily-wage worker from Jharkhand who carries his daughter (who was raped) everyday in his arms for 4 kms to a primary health care center. All because he cannot afford to buy a bicycle or hire a taxi.

Living in Jharkhand’s East Singhbhum district, his 9 yr old daughter was raped 2 months ago and is now undergoing medical treatment of her wounds. The rapist is a local driver who lured her with chocolate, raped and abandoned her with a rupturing her intestine. Unable to walk, she crawled to home which was about 1 km away.

Although she has undergone one major surgery in Ranchi to remove the damaged intestine, she is still required to visit hospital everyday for dressing of wounds.

Her father said, “So what if I do not have a cycle or a motorbike? She is my baby, I cannot dump her. I want her to recover at the earliest and for that I have to take her to the doctor every day. I am unable to go for work as this is a priority. We have exhausted whatever in the name of savings we had. Rather we are deep in debt now. God knows how many more days we will have to suffer like this. I wish a doctor could come to my home and dress the wounds of my daughter but that’s a dream for us.”

To keep his child happy, he has been selling his livestock to buy her new clothes and toys time to time. Moreover, the cost of medical supplies is taking a toll on his family life.

Do we have any readers from Jharkhand? Kindly send us your suggestions on how can we reach out to this man and offer him support.

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