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The Shining Knightess in Armour Defending the Dudes in Distress!

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  •  September 29, 2015


Do you remember the Facebook Post by infamous Jasleen Kaur? That example was one of the many unseen, in fact, disguised cases that occur on a daily basis.

Yes, well, you heard me! And we thought rapes were the only shocking reality! Well, maybe not as much, but the harsh reality is that men are suffering, too.

You know how every time someone raises a finger against our country, we think “oh yeah, maybe that person doesn’t follow this but doesn’t mean every Indian is like that!” Similarly, every time men hear of rape, their eyes squint, and they are sort’ve tired of explaining to the world that not every man is a rapist, and feel horrible each time their gender is brought into question.

You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of people from the other gender have made a point to help out the dudes in distress! Ah, the irony. Always love the irony.

So, one of the Knightesses in Shining Armour Deepika Bhardwaj, a documentary filmmaker, stood defending Singh (accused) against Jasleen Kaur at a news channel’s panel. She adamantly stood by her statement that there was a difference between an argument and a charge of molestation. The situation got so ugly that the anchor even responded by saying “What kind of a woman are you?”

By the time Bhardwaj returned to her phone after the TV debate, it was already flooding with hate mails and messages on Twitter from both men and women alike. She is one of the many women who are fighting for the cause.

Topics related to women safety can be so sensitive that some women take undue advantage of them.  False dowry accusations, false rape accusations and what not! Sometimes, we need to not only follow the herd, but even rack our own brain, ask that voice of reason once in a while, maybe we need to explore a little before we give in to the statements of others.

Girls, you all know what Uncle Ben Parker from Spiderman taught us, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”  So when we claim women empowerment, we also claim a responsibility to not misuse that power. Because, a single false accusation can make everyone disbelieve other true cases.

PS – Feminists are not men haters!

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