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FIRST DATE STORY: “The more the better!”

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  •  February 15, 2014


We invited our 2nd couple on a challenging first date at Café F-32 – Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, Director, Vidhi Industries, and Mrs. Poonam Sharma, Lecturer in International College for Girls, Jaipur. They are married for 13 years and are like a fresh wave of life all-together.

At the end of this date, we could see Mr. Ashutosh as her armor and support system because every time she answered his questions, he would just repeat the sentence so that our recorder didn’t miss any bit! (Aww) On the other hand, Mrs. Poonam is one independent lady who equally wants Ashutosh’s company at every step of her life. We told you, that was one cute love-story.

tn_DSC_6399 copy

Sweet enough, Ashutosh started the date by introducing himself to his wife – “I am Ashutosh. Tell me something about you.” She smiled and innocently spoke her name.

tn_DSC_6398 copy

Ashutosh: Tell me how you describe me to other people?

Poonam: very smart, you are starting the 1st question with your own self. I tell them that you can make the environment friendly for everyone you meet so they never feel a moment of awkwardness.

tn_DSC_6413 copy

Their 1st drink was served to them. With the Spicy Guava their conversation was now expected to be more fun.

Ashutosh: What is the most wanted thing that I can buy for you with money? And what is the most wanted thing that I can give you without money?

Poonam: Diamonds, of course! And without money few more good memories.

They took the 1st sip. Was Poonam expecting something in her Virgin Mojito? Was his question a sign? Sigh.


Ahutosh: I hope you are enjoying the date with me! Poonam, if you had one day to live, what would you do?

Poonam: I am having date with my hubby, who gets this? I am enjoying! And if it would be the last day of my life I would do the same…sit and enjoy good food but then I would call all my loved ones.

tn_DSC_6421 copy

The 1st dinner course was served to them – it was Courgettes, Hummus Pita.

Ashutosh: Wow, looks it is going to please my taste buds. Poonam, have it.

Poonam: hmm…it is yummy. I admire the Chef’s skills.

Ashutosh: Btw, who is that one person in your life you admire the most?

Poonam: My Grand Father-in-law. I miss him and have learnt a lot from him. His loving devotion for humankind is immeasurable.

Ashutosh: I remember you were very close to him.

A moment of silence was shared, remembering a loved one.  Meanwhile, they were savoring on Courgettes.

tn_DSC_6410 copy

Ashutosh: What is the one thing that I do that makes you crazy?

Poonam: When you surprise me with flowers! I just love it.

Ashutosh: Is that so?

Poonam: yes, because it is quite unexpected of you.

Ashutosh: Unexpected? I am romantic (he demanded). And you don’t start on this topic.

Poonam: I would rather give you a lecture on Spiritualism – mostly on souls and astrology.

Ashutosh: What a combination.

And here comes there Nepolitan Pizza – a 10″ thin Italian crust.

Ashutosh: Ahh…Can I kidnap their Chef and not get punished? What one thing do you want to steal?

Poonam: The days from my youth. I want to relive those days…

Ashutosh: And what if while reliving you don’t meet me?

Poonam: Then I would have happily joined some defense job just like my whole family.

Ashutosh: Thank god, you aren’t into that field while being my wife.

This is every husband’s prayer Mr. Ashutosh, believe us. The Pizza must be named a ‘controversial dish’, though quite addictive to the taste buds, because the two never wasted its one bite.

tn_DSC_6426 copy

Ashutosh: If you had to give me a funny nickname based on my personality or some part of me, what would it be?

Poonam: Coconut and I would call you Coccu. Haha.

Ashutosh: What? Why?

Poonam: Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with your appearance. It’s about your qualities – which you pretend to be hard from outside though you are very soft and loving from within.

Ahsutosh: Phew! If somebody handed you a magic lamp and gave you three wishes, what would they be?

Poonam: I want to lead a healthy life, second that I want to go younger back to my old days & my third wish is to get recognized for my service to mankind.

Ashutosh: You are a healthy person already. Tell me, what do you love the most about your body?

Poonam: That I’m blessed with a good height and smile. My smile is very welcoming and friendly and that’s a good thing.

Ashutosh: Save it all for me. (smiles) & What about the clothes? Don’t you like your wardrobe and if given a chance – whose wardrobe would you like to steal?

Poonam: Priyanka Chopra’s,undoubtedly.

Ashutosh: Yeah, she is good.

Poonam: (sarcastically) really?

Just now he had saved himself from the scary moments of wife’s anger, he quipped: “What has been your scariest dream at night?” 

tn_DSC_6423 copy

Poonam: First promise me you won’t laugh after I tell you.

Ashutosh: Depends.

Poonam: It was one weird dream. All my teeth fell down and my smile looked horrible. I was in shock even after I got up and…..

Ashutosh was giggling before she could complete. Calm down boy, or else you will prove to be the real-life example of her dream.

Ashutosh: Ahem, don’t worry love, nothing like this will happen. You are beautiful for me always. Talking about this, tell me if all cosmetics items disappeared, except 1, which one would you like it to be for you?

Poonam: Lipstick because it gives more intent to one’s smile.

Stacked Enchiladas were served to the couple. This typically Mexican treat helped Ashutosh frame his next question.

Ashutosh: Another mouth-watering 10/10 dish. This date is full of surprises! BTW, grade me as a husband on the scale from 1 to 10.

Poonam: 8.

Ashutosh: and please explain why I don’t deserve a 10?

Poonam: there is always a scope of improvement, dear hubby.

Ashutosh: huh. Now you will say I don’t tell you ‘I love you’ more often.

Poonam: The more the better!

See the entire photo album here:


SPECIAL THANKS TO CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER VINOD SINGH GUSAIN (Know more about him: https://www.facebook.com/VinaaviImageStudio)

SINCERE GRATITUDE TO CAFE F-32 FOR SUPPORTING THIS NAUGHTY PROJECT (Visit this wonderful place at F-32 A, Azad Marg, Gangwal Plaza, Above Nims-Vicky Salon, C-Scheme, Jaipur City, India)

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