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‘The Lasting Impact’ On Tumbler Has Inspirational Life Stories Of Sexual Assault Victims

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  •  June 27, 2015

A rape survivor has created a new powerful project called ‘The Lasting Impact’ on Tumblr. The project aims at raising awareness about the long lasting pschycological impacts on both mind and body of the rape victim.

This project is a platform for survivors from round the world to share their experiences as well as their healing stories with others like them.1

The founder herself is a survivor of childhood sexual assault who has struggled with brutal emotional after-effects for years.

She told Huffington post, “It wasn’t until I began to connect with other survivors that I came to realize that this is a common and valid response to trauma, and it was only then that I truly began to heal.”

About her project, she said, “Survivors often face a myriad of psychological, emotional, social, and physical challenges following an assault, and I wanted to expand the conversation about sexual assault and domestic violence to include the complex, long-term toll trauma takes on an individual.”9

JWB feels this campaign is a great effort. We must understand what a sexual assault survivor undergoes and how much courage he/she brings forth to fight the societal taboos as well as the deadlocks inside him/her. These stories tell us about their bravery and things we can learn from them. One is to be compassionate enough to help others while undergoing similar hardships.

Look at some of the stories shared by survivor on her page:2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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