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Lavanya Bahuguna


The Dundlod Haveli Spills Its Home Décor Ideas

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  •  May 20, 2015


People who love Rajasthani culture are going to pat our back for covering this beautiful Jaipur house. A portion of the Dundlod Haveli, situated on Hawa Sadak, belongs to Dr. Ganga Dundlod.

Looking at her you will realize how her advanced education could never hamper love and respect she holds for her heritage. Her home speaks the same story.

The residence is an old haveli decorated with only traditional art-items.


Each room has a color theme around which the décor is planned. Let us know from Ganga how she has done it so effortlessly:

Starting from my bedroom, the room is painted blue. Why? Because blue favors every season. It soothes your mind in summer, it is the color of rain and has a vibe of the chilling winter.


The bed sheet, curtains, sofa sheet, table cover and the carpet have either Sanganeri prints or the tribal Ikat dye prints.


The dressing room is the spared area between the bedroom and pooja room. Why waste the space? I have put red curtains with Rajasthani leaf prints.


This is the guest-room which is minimally done. The portraits of my husband, who is extremely fond of horse riding, are put here. And see, how artistically JWB’s Shahank has clicked my snapshot in the mirror reflection!


The smaller drawing room, however, has a different vibe. It has gold and wooden brown mixed together.


Since the house is old, it has a wall pattern which is not common these days. Hence, to decorate each of the walls, I have made sure to put something that enhances the designing pattern.


The room has inherited furniture and many family portraits from our royal family. Can you see them behind me?


I am fond of the miniature art and the shelves are full of them.


Even the center table has a rail of such miniatures.


Let me now take you to the bigger drawing room, a place where I spend most of my time. The room has an ochre color theme. Nothing is very expensive here. The cane furniture is from Bangladesh and the photo frames on the wall behind are again old family portraits.


The cushions and rug are from local market. Also, can you see how greenery makes a difference in decoration?


This peacock-theme chair is my darling!


The old fireplace is highlighted by placing some clay models and candle holders. Pocket-friendly, I say.


If you want wall hangings like this, just Google a similar image and get it framed.


And finally, my garden has a color theme too – Green! I don’t like dried up space around the home. When you have got space, plant trees! My garden has innumerable plants, and trusts me – the cool breeze here is my best medicine.


If you have some ideas to share on home décor like Dr. Ganga, let us know in the comments at contactjaipurwomenblog@gmail.com!

Photographer:  Shashank K Tyagi

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