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‘THE DOLL’ Tells Men Why They Shouldn’t Treat Women Like A Doll

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  •  October 10, 2015


Yesterday, it was Makrand Deshpande’s play ‘The Doll’ that left our soul in awe at the theater fest Jairangam. The actors Trishla Patel and Hidayat Sami kept our eyes glued to the stage while showcasing the complex relationship between a man and his doll.

While Trishla plays the doll called Stella, Hidayat represents all those men who are confused and love to keep relationships complex.

The story presents Mark with a broken relationship of 7 years. To keep himself a company, he participates in an online contest and wins an unusual doll that…well…looks like a real woman. Stella, named by Mark, can talk, keep the home spunky clean and is even programmed to sexually satisfy her master.

However, Mark seems not so happy with his ‘new’ life. Reason – his past. He is constantly thinking about his ex and never misses a chance of comparing her with Doll Stella. On the contrary, Stella develops emotional attributes as the time passes and tries her best to soothe him during his breakdown moments.

But the main catch of the play is when you notice Mark dominating and controlling Stella constantly. As Makrand described in one of the interviews, “Despite knowing that it is just a doll, Mark does not stop being a ‘man’. The doll not only has to fulfill his needs but also boost his ego. He starts seeing it as the most compatible part of his life.”

But gradually, living with the doll makes Mark realize how he shouldn’t treat a woman. Eventually, he decides to reunite with his ex-girlfriend, leaving Stella all alone.

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