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The Day When Apocalypse Struck The JWB Office…

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  •  October 21, 2015


… We’re still alive, by the way. This blog is still being run by humans, not zombies. #InCaseYouWereWondering.

So, getting back to the apocalypse… us din ki baat was such, that we the members of JWB were left bereft of our working capabilities due to the sudden demise of our dear friend called the ‘Internet’. Some chap from the Airtel office came as our Jesus Christ in disguise and we were reinstated with life.

But within those moments of idleness…Umm no, I can’t really call them moments of idleness because we were busy cursing the internet failure and cribbing about our undone work. So, amidst these moments, we girls witnessed some unexpected amusement and unforeseen revelations.


Lavanya: Maine sab kuch kar liya! I have had water. I have gossiped. Here. And over the phone. I have peed. And I have pooped. And yet the internet isn’t back! WHAT DO I DO NOW!?


Left to Right: Lavanya, Shivani, Komal, Me

Me: *Yawns* I’m just way too sleepy today!

Shivani: Anybody for son-papdi?

Priyanka (Whom we secretly address as the Food Monitor) : *Shouting from the adjacent room* Apna khaana khud khatam karo Shivani!

Shivani: *Traumatized* How does she come to know, EVERY SINGLE TIME!? *Whispering* Son-papdi anyone?

Me: Meeeeeeeee!

Lavanya: *Scorns but picks a piece anyway* Just keep making us fat!

Komal: Guys I’m fasting! Don’t tempt me! I’ll eat this after Navratras! Save some for me.

Fact: Two days later, she ate her determination to starve by gobbling up a sub. #DhongiLadki

Shivani: Offer valid till stocks last. Uff! I’m jobless without the internet! Just like baby Lavanya.

Me: Wait what! Ye kya tha?

Ayushi: *Cleverly and quickly finishing her article on Wordpad. The sound of her hammering the keys resonates.*

Like a true and nerdy work patriot, she wasted not even a single moment. Guess who is buttering the boss to score brownie points?

Komal: Lavanya let out her childhood secret today.


Me: Mujhe bhi batao!

Working part-time has its own cons. You miss out on a lot of fun gossip.

Shivani: Her mother called her ‘Robot’ when she was a kid.

Me: Hahahahahaha! Whyyy?

Shivani: Because she was like…*In a robotic voice* ‘Mujhe kaam do! Kaam do!’

Lavanya: *Evil laugh*

And I can swear by the old Gods and new that Lavanya’s evil laugh culminates horrors in our heart. Compare it to Mojo Jojo’s. That, multiplied by 746.


Komal: *Screams* Internet is baaaaaaack!  

Our chairs immediately swayed towards our desktops. And once again, we got busy in our usual humdrum, leaving that conversation hanging in the JWB air.

PS: Even if an actual apocalypse struck the world, we girls would become ghosts and still visit the JWB office. #KaamDeDo! #DeDoKaam!

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