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The Comments On Priyanka Gandhi’s New Twitter DP Speak Tons About The Repressive Mindset Of Our Country

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  •  March 14, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was appointed as the general secretary of Congress for Uttar Pradesh East. Earlier this week on Tuesday, she addressed her very first political rally. Now that’s sufficient fodder for the Twitter mills and should set them running, right?

In fact, for her first political rally, if you ask me, she played the cards just right as she addressed the audience saying “Behno aur bahiyo” as opposed to the prevalent order, i.e. “Bhaiyo aur behno.” That is indeed a political statement and a strong one for that matter. But wait how many people are talking about that?

Unfortunately, neither her much anticipated formal entry in politics nor her first address have managed to create as much buzz as her Twitter DP! Yes, you read that right, Priyanka Gandhi’s new Twitter DP in which she can be seen wearing a pair of blue top and blue jeans is what’s keeping the Indian Twitterati busy as of now. So much for a country that demands politicians to take control and change the state of affairs!

In fact, in less than a month of her appointment, Priyanka has been thronged with all kind of sexist remarks. From BJP leader Harish Dwivedi saying, “Everyone knows Priyanka Gandhi wears jeans when she is in Delhi, but wears saris when she visits Congress bastions,” to BJP minister Vinod Narayan Jha saying that Priyanka is “very beautiful, but other than that she holds no political achievement,” there is little that has been left unsaid.

That speaks a lot for the rampant sexism and misogyny that is practiced within the Indian political factions and beyond. Now, the kind of ludicrous comments that are being made on her Twitter DP just further highlight the repressive mindset of our country where we have always failed to think of a woman beyond her clothes and looks.

Here are a few of the comments:

Rakesh Bhardwaj on Twitter

@priyankagandhi Gandhi ji always wore one type of clothes. But what about you. Sometime jeans and top ,othertimes saree. Not confident about your clothings? Do you think people can be befooled by wearing saree.

Krishna Sharma on Twitter

@Ruchi804Ruchi @priyankagandhi ये इनकी दादी की साड़ी है जो सिर्फ़ चुनाव मे ही निकलती है और दिनों मे श्रीमती वाड्रा पश्चिमी परिधानो मे सुशोभित रहती है 😄

brijesh on Twitter

Priyanka Vadra jiiiiii’s make up for election campaign, change the jeans and wear the saree leave the english and try to make fool in hindi. Husband is under investigation for list of scams and herself talks about country. Sheer shameless. All her rallies must be bycotted https://t.co/xuBJGk3xJH

And while there are a few tweets where people have commented what Priyanka wears in her DP looks “cool,” I honestly find them equally ridiculous. For a person who has finally made her big and much-anticipated entry into politics, we certainly can ask better questions and make better comments. Sadly, almost nobody has any queries about her election strategy and political ambitions.

Politicians are always blamed for the sorry state of affairs in our country and while I am not saying they shouldn’t be, what are we doing as citizens? Why do we expect them to set everything in order while we sit ideally at our homes and make nonsensical comments on Twitter?

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