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The Busy Girl’s Makeup Guide For Diwali By Kanishka Motiani

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  •  November 9, 2015


Having a baby or a new promotion only means one thing – a neglected super-busy life. Here comes Kanishka to your rescue!

“You wake up 1 hour before you’re supposed to be at work. It happens to the best of us, but it’s important to have a plan – a plan of what you’re going to look like. Same should be for the festivals. For all our busy girls out there, I’ve put together your guide for how to get ready in a pinch”, says Kanishka.7

Check out how she does her DIY chic makeup when you’ve got just 15 minutes before the guests ring your door-bell on Diwali:


To be able to do the makeup smoothly, a smooth base has to be created. Since you’re not a fan of BB creams or primers like me, use your regular body-lotion. For me, it’s the Johnson baby crème. Since I have just delivered a baby, the infant products are everywhere.

I am using Lakmé Absolute Moose. Apply it as dots all over your face and then smudge it evenly using your finger tips.4

Next, I am again using a Lakmé Absolute compact. Soft dabs on the face will help big time, so skip rubbing.6

Tip: If you’ve got marks on your face, hide them with a concealer.

And finally, some rouge!14


If you’ve already decided what you’re going to wear, then take out an eye-shadow matching with its tones. Since I am wearing a blue shade, I will choose to wear a matt blue eye-shadow with some shine.13

Kohl/Kajal is my go-to tool that helps change the morning-eyes into something other women envy! Ha-ha! Never ever forget to beautify your eyes.18

Some mascara, if you want.17

Eyeliner is something you can skip wearing if you’ve got big eyes.20

My tip: apply Vaseline on the lids before you apply the liner. It will help you draw the line in one go, like how they show in TV ads!


I put lip balm/Vaseline onto my lips before wearing the lipstick. 21

Quickly put a lip-liner a shade darker than your lipstick’s tone. And voila!22

I prefer a darker tone for festivals.23

Tip here is, if you don’t have a bright colored lipstick at the moment, apply some lip gloss or lip balm on your lips after the lipstick. You can achieve the desired color in a jiffy!

And lastly, ek chutki sindoor!

JWB: Name two shringars you can never go out without?

Kanishka: Kajal & sindoor!

JWB: What do you suggest specifically for the Diwali night?

Kanishka: Dark makeup! Not gothic, but wear bright colors. Don’t fear wearing oxblood lips and dark eyes. Add a bindi to all that and oo-la-la!

JWB: Lastly, are you going to do anything with the hair too? Just wondering.29

Kanishka: (laughs) I knew it was coming! Okay, so I am just going to pull-out a puff using this secret tool. It’s easily available in the market. Since I absolutely love my straight hair, I will keep them open. Curls are really in nowadays, so you can try that too!32

JWB: Thank you Kanishka!

If you have any tricks to share, write to us in the comments below.Untitled-1k

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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