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The Best Holiday Homework EVER! Teachers, Take Notes!

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  •  July 29, 2015


Remember that time back in our childhoods, where we used to count the days left for summer holidays to begin? I don’t know about you but I certainly did that! Although that excitement for summer vacations was accompanied with the gloomy load of holiday homework(s). *Sigh!*

But just the other day, I came across this splendid thing on the Internet, which makes me want to long for holiday homework! Cesare Cata’s list of summer homework is the best thing you’ll read today! This secondary school teacher of Don Bosco School, Ferno, Italy, posted a summer assignment for his students last month and I so wish he was my teacher in school!

Ecco gli speciali “compiti per le vacanze” che ho lasciato ai miei ragazzi per l’estate 20151. Al mattino, qualche…

Posted by Cesare Catà on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

  1. In the morning, go walk on the shore of the sea in total solitude: see how it reflects the sun and think about the things that you love most in life, feel happy.
  2. Try to use all the new terms learned together this year: the more things you can say, the more things you can think; and the more things you can think, the more you are free.
  3. Read, as much as you can. But not because you have to. Reading in the summer inspires your adventures and dreams. Read because it is the best form of uprising in you (for advice of reading, ask me).
  4. Avoid all the things, the situations, and people that make you negative or empty: try situation stimulants and the company of friends that enrich your life, and understand and appreciate you for what you are.
  5. If you feel sad or scared, don’t worry: the summer, as all the wonderful things, puts in turmoil the soul. Try to write a diary to tell your state (in September, if you like, we can it read together).
  6. Dance! Without shame! The summer is a dance, and it is foolish to not be a part of it.
  7. At least once, go to see the sunrise. Stay silent and breathe. Close your eyes, be grateful.
  8. Play sports.
  9. If you find a person that charms you, tell him with all the sincerity and the grace of which you are capable. It does not matter if he/she will understand. If he does not, he/she was not your destiny; otherwise, the summer of 2015 will be the golden time under which you walk together.
  10. Review the notes of our lessons: for every author and every concept get questioned.
  11. Be cheerful as the sun, calm like the sea.
  12. Do not say bad words; you are educated and polite.
  13. Watch movies in other languages, preferably English, to improve your language competence and your ability to dream. Do not let the movie ends with the end titles. Relive it while you live your summer.
  14. In the bright sunshine or in the hot nights, dream of what will be in your life, in the summer, and seek the strength to not surrender ever, and do everything we can to pursue that dream.
  15. Do good.

#3 #7 and #9 are my favorite! Tell me the ones you like. And remember, you need not necessarily be a school student to do this holiday homework!  Just let yourself experience these little joys of life!

PS: The English translation has been taken from here.

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