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The Basketball Girl – The Touching Story of The Girl Without Limbs

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  •  September 26, 2015

Feeling let down in life? Well, here’s today’s doze of inspiration for you. How often do you meet someone who teaches you a lesson for life? The internet is storming with the story of a brave young girl Qian Hongyan, from China.  

20 year old Quian lost both her legs in an accident when she was four. The doctors had to amputate her legs or it would’ve been difficult for her to survive. The little girl did not lose hope. Her family didn’t come from a sound economic background, and hence could not afford prosthetic legs for her.


She used a basketball ball to walk around, while two brushes acted as crutches for her. She began to be known as the “basketball girl”.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-13.26.25 Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-13.26.32

After her photographs went viral, she was offered free artificial limbs at China’s Rehabilitation Centre.


Few years later, when she outgrew those limbs, her family couldn’t afford larger ones, so she returned to using basketball as a help to walk around.

Her courage led her to join a disabled swimming club. At first she found it difficult to swim but slowly she started getting better and better.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-13.27.03 Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-13.27.11

She dreams to participate in the Paralympics some day.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-13.27.26 Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-13.27.31

She has inspired and continues to inspire people around the world.  Go, and quickly watch her inspirational video!

Did Qian inspire you? Drop your comments below!

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