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Thanks To These 3 Girls, A U.P. Village Now Has 90% Educated Students

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  •  January 9, 2017


Today while leaving home in the morning, I saw a girl dressed in school uniform helping her mom clean the stairs. I stopped and told her mom to not bring her again to clean the building.

She agreed, but I hope she keeps to her promise.

No matter how much we grow, I don’t know why we still have families who consider the education of their daughters, secondary. When I was already struggling with this thought in my mind, I was glad to read about Tabassum, Tarranum, and Rubina who hail from a small village of Sajoi near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. This trio has changed the face of the village where education was never taken seriously and girls dropped out to help their mothers.

“In our village, nobody studied. We, the three of us, were the only ones who cleared school and went on to do Inter. Children would not even step out of the village. Our village had a basti so most of the children started working at a young age and ignored their education,” says Tabassum.

But we managed to study. Thanks to our parents and their encouragement. They were so supportive,” she says.”

These three girls went from door to door to encourage parents to allow their kids to study. They even got in touch with the Human Welfare Association, an NGO in Varanasi, which helped these young girls in their initiative and provided them support.

As a part of their initiative, the girls found a small public place and started a school for kids who had never gone to schools or were drop outs due to personal reasons.

“It was very difficult initially. Students would just not show up. But we didn’t give up. We would go to their houses every day and ask them to come to our school. And finally, after six months of our continuous efforts, students started showing up without us having to drag them from their homes,” she recalls.

The school enrolled 35 students in its first year. But in its next year, they managed to get over 170 students to the school regularly.

However, their biggest fight was to bring back girls who had dropped out of school altogether.

“As these girls were a little older, parents would not send them out. They didn’t want them to step out and thought going to school was a waste of time for them as they could do other household work during that time of the day,” she says.

Despite all odds, these girls knew how to win this battle and tey had a plan!

Not being ready to let go of their dream the girls started a small tailoring training center at the school so that the families would agree to let their daughters come for that.

“When the girls came to learn tailoring, we started teaching them simultaneously. Many parents opposed us and asked why we were schooling them when they had been sent to learn tailoring. We would tell them that even tailoring requires some measurements and calculations and basic education is necessary for that,” Tabassum says.

With their never dying spirit and strong determination, these girls can proudly say that 90% of the children, including girls, go to school today.

Another great achievement was when the mothers of these girls started showing interest and have proudly graduated schools today.

The trio has managed to successfully educate over 250 kids so far and is working hard towards getting more admissions on a yearly basis.

“We would just like to say to everyone that please let your daughters and sons study. And do whatever you can for your village as people there need you,” said Tabassum.

Doing such amazing work at this young age, these girls are a true inspiration. So please support them in their noble job and help them grow.

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