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Teeny Tiny on Career with Devyani Bhatnagar: Guys, it’s alright to be unsure!

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  •  May 30, 2015


The Teeny Tiny team decided to explore the unconventional careers teenagers are opting for. This was my very first interview of the Teeny Tiny Campaign in an attempt to study more about the mindset and tendencies of teenagers. Through all the upcoming blogs, we are trying to ring about a change, preferably a revolution in the teens’ world.

We all have had that ONE moment when we set everything aside, stood up resolutely and told ourselves to go visit a career counselor – because let’s face it, we are confected! A million of things is running through our mind, and we have to catch up with this pace. Hence, I did the same. And guess what? I got a chance to sort out my career choices after my interview with the graceful and comely, Devyani Bhatnagar. She is a Director of the “Collegify”.

Avantika: Tell us about your company ‘Collegify”. The name is intriguing.

Devyani: It’s about mentoring and counseling students who go abroad to study. We get students mainly from 10th and 11th that are just contemplating their interests and thinking about their careers. We do something called as profile building and then of course, the lengthy application process commences.


Times have changed. So did our minds. Therefore, it’s okay to be doubtful about what you want to do.

Avantika: Any unconventional and anomalous careers your students want to pursue?


Devyani: One of my students is extremely interested in astro physics! He is working with professors as well. Sports and event management are also careers they are looking into.


There is no career girls CANNOT pursue. Put everyone in the same space and see the magic girls can do.

Avantka: Are parents willing to send their children abroad? Specially the girl child?

Devyani: It’s very mixed actually. I remember when I went in 1997, it was only a handful of us and it was a big deal. But now things are changing, girls are realizing their own potential and they are brave enough to go. It’s refreshing to be a part of this change. And I think that this big change is happening because of travelling and exchange of information and ideas to and fro.


Avantika: One Advice to parents to chill out more and let children also make their own decisions?

Here our hearty photographer, Shashank (who is not a teen, by the way) butted in to tell his own life story. We all turned to him as he set his bulky camera down and narrated his experience. His eyes lit up as he spoke of his desires and challenges. It was inspiring to watch, and that moment was picture perfect! From a potential MBA or CA to a legit photographer, he had to fight his way in! Because at that time, there was no such thing called as career counseling, so children had to constantly convince their parents to chase their ambitions. It suddenly triggered motivation in our hearts.

And as Shashank was busy talking, no picture of this moment entered records of the history.

Devyani: Dear parents, realize your own child’s potential. Friend them out. Every child is special. Don’t get influenced by the society and don’t force your decisions on your child. Let them decide too. However, children need to listen too as parents come with a lot of experience.

Counselors are bridging the gap between parents and children.


Avantika: One message you would like to give to teenagers of Jaipur?

Devyani: Guys, it’s alright to be unsure. Explore. Learn. Be patient.

img 9783

Teens! I hope you’ve taken the advice and read the message loud and clear. It’s okay to be unsure about your career. It’ll happen when it has to. Until then, let the chips fall where they may. There goes my packet of Lays. Ironic.

P.S. Got your career questions? Ask them here!

Photographer:  Shashank K Tyagi

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