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Teeny Tiny Diet with Archana Jain: Define food to yourself!

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  •  June 2, 2015

We teens often ask each other this question:

“Are you dieting?”

To which I am always like:“No but I take the stairs sometimes. It helps.”

But really, are we consuming the right diet?

I continued the journey in order to fish-out meaningful advice for teens. To answer these questions, I visited Jaipur based dietician Archana Jain._MG_1541

Avantika: What’s your advice to teens who can’t seem to stay away from junk food?

Archana Jain: Whatever is extra in calories and low in nutrition is called junk. However, you don’t have to stay away from it! Eat junk but eat less of it._MG_1301

Avantika: 4 foods every teen should include and exclude from their diet?

Archana Jain: Firstly, include milk or dairy products in your diet. Pulses, fruits and green vegetables should be included as well. _MG_1408And say goodbye to aerated drinks. Obviously, consumption of alcohol and nicotine is an absolute no. Packaged and street food should also be avoided._MG_1305

Avantika: What kind of cases are you coming across related to teens?

Archana Jain: The most common issue is obesity. Also, teens with low hemoglobin, low energy levels and hormonal imbalances are some of the common cases these days._MG_1314

“Nowadays, teen girls are either very thin or obese. Both situations are wrong.”

Avantika: Okay, which Junk food even YOU like eating?

Archana Jain: Surprisingly, I am not a foodie. There is no food that I cannot live without. I can. _MG_1424

But I never say no to junk food either._MG_1404

“Teens say they don’t like fruits. Truth is they have never daringly tried them either. Hence, developing your taste in food is very important.”

Avantika: How can teens stop overheating? Also, during exams, teens tend to eat a lot while they are stressed. How can this be prevented?

Archana Jain: While children are stressed, they not only skip the meals but also binge on wrong things at wrong time. For instance, midnight snacks of chips. So, I would suggest that you plan your diet in such a way that you eat something every two hours. _MG_1322Plan a vibrant diet that includes every color and taste! This may include everything ranging from dry fruits to juices to veggies!_MG_1339

“Let’s be done away with the misconception that we shouldn’t have dry fruits in the summer. Having something in small quantities is not wrong.”

Avantika: A message to all the teens of Jaipur?

Archana Jain: Define food to yourself. For me, food is what is natural, raw and cooked minimally. Also, be natural and eat natural._MG_1403

So teens, these are few expert food advices that should not be ignored. Ask your mother for a fresh plate of salad and orange juice today only and see how her face will light up! After all, every mother wants to see their children craving healthy food. That would be one lovely sight, wouldn’t it?

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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