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Teeny Tiny: Defying Gravity With Aashi Kabra

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  •  July 10, 2015


Schools have already started and all the studying is going on in full swing. Therefore, we sat down for a little chat with this bubbly teenager, Aashi Kabra, who narrated her experience of sky diving on her latest vacation to South Africa.

girlsky-diveBelow is her story that rightfully explains the ambition and determination in the hearts of teenagers. Read along and you might just feel like skydiving yourself:

“18th June, 2015. A day in my life that I will be unable to forget. There’s the risk of amnesia in old age but oh well.

Anyway, we headed to Plettenburg Bay in South Africa to do sky diving. I was amongst a group of 25 people who would carry out this daring task. And let me tell you, my parents did not accompany me it was just me and my sister.

There was excitement and nervousness coursing through my veins and I doubted my decision for the 100th time that day but my passion for skydiving, even if it was just momentary came from the group of people who accompanied me. There were people of all ages in that group, even older people and that gave me motivation.

If they can do it, so can I. I thought.

Also, the other day, my parents doubted my ability to skydive and I wanted to prove them wrong. I wanted to sky dive immaculately and see their proud faces.

And because, the urge to sky dive was heightened because of the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”.

Anyway, we met with our respective instructors who would be there with us throughput the whole ordeal. My instructor was the best because his face reflected no doubt or hesitation.  I hoped to have the same feelings. He also happened to have gone in the sky about 12,000 times already. Wow.

And when he said the determined words, “Yes, you can do it.” I was certain right then.

We were told that the jump would be from 10,000 feet above. No biggie,right?  We were told some essentials before the diving actually began which included tips like not spreading your arms or legs since that would increase the surface area and it would take longer than necessary to reach the ground. They also mentioned terms like “terminal velocity”.

To be honest, I stopped listening then. The nerves were getting to me.

We were encompassed in very heavy harnesses then. Sky diving is not for the faint hearted since you have to coordinate your body ample number of times and the harness is like a burden itself.

We went in a helicopter and guess what? I was sitting right next to the exit gate. Just my luck.

This is a wrong decision, I thought as I sat there mulling over my life. I felt like puking already.

And then the time came. I was ready.

I think.

They opened the gate and the rush of wind was enough to knock me backwards if it weren’t for my strong resolve and my instructor backing me up. And then I was floating. When I was in the air, it was as surreal as surreal can get. I had a blank mind because THAT moment was too phenomenal to put into words.

It felt like I was floating in clouds even though my body was super heavy. However, it really felt like a kind of shelter had been snatched away from me. But all the worries and doubts before jumping seemed silly now.

Then the instructor started explaining where the railway station and the airport were. I couldn’t have paid more attention. The view was an opalescent mass of beauty and I wanted to take everything in. I was in the moment.

The instructor then playfully asked me whether I liked roller coasters or not and I said Yes without a thought. Honestly, in the sky, if he had asked me almost anything, I would have said yes. I was THAT dazed out of my mind.

And then we were off. We rotated a full 360 degree and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it felt. A little nausea accompanied the euphoria but that’s okay.

And the worst part about good things is that they have to end. So did this beautiful sky diving.  The parachute opened and we neared the ground with feather light ease.

In the end, I managed to see the proud grins of my parents and I convinced my elder sister to go through the aesthetic experience as well.

Super success.

I once watched a movie that said-“Past is history. Tomorrow is a mystery and there’s a reason that the moment right now is called a present.”

And for once, while I was floating in the air, there were no worries clouding my mind. All I could feel was happiness and I really realized what “living in the moment” feels like. In the end, we were bestowed with a certificate with our name printed on it that clarified that we indeed had been dauntless enough to sky dive. Here’s a picture of my certificate:certi

Wow, don’t we all want to sky-dive now after reading her adventure? By the way, you can read rest of the exciting teenage stories here.

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