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Teeny Tiny Career Dreams of Bansal Family

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  •  June 1, 2015


It is decision making time! Was that a chorus of groans I just heard? Hmm, I must have imagined it. It is decision making time because so many of us are out of 12th standard and are at the binge of choosing our careers – on our own, under family pressure or with prolific help of a counselor.

I got curious, and therefore in the scalding hot summer I decided to go interview the very cool Bansal family to know what’s on the mind of their teenage kids – Anushka and Devansh. After all, our ‘Teeny Tiny’ campaign wants to scrutinize the confusions and convictions existing in the teens’ minds!

Has Anushka ever had a passion? A passion she could go to any lengths for?


Anushka’s mom: No, not really. She has always loved to read but it’s not that big of a passion.



Anushka: However I have always wanted to do designing!

Any specific expectations from Anushka?


Anushka’s mom: Yes. It’s every parent’s dream to see their child prosper; see their picture in the newspaper. Same is with me but I never force her. She’s a big girl now, and can take her own decisions.

Anushka tells me that she may have liked designing but she will not go against her family who wants her to do something related to commerce. Her family earnestly and wisely suggests that balancing two streams will be like juggling. Only she won’t know how to. That’s heartbreaking! But I hope whatever path your family has chosen for you will be right.


JWB’s intern Avantika in conversation

Sit tight, folks! Plot twists.

Have you ever had any preset plan for Anushka?


Anushka’s mom: No, but her grandfather wanted to see her as a doctor. However, her friends and teachers intimidated her by saying that she would have to study too much. So, she backed out.

Wise. PCM chills my heart.

Define happiness.


Anushka: Going out with friends. Frankly speaking, I don’t like studying that much. But since we have our summer holidays right now, I love teaching little children something or the other in the morning.

Any kind of cooperation you want from your parents?


Anushka: Not as such since they are very supportive. I think they will make wise decisions for me. I trust them, of course.


After thanking Anushka and her mother for their honest answers, I moved to meet her first cousin Devansh and his mother to know their thoughts.

Have you ever had a passion?


Devansh: Not a passion but many hobbies like skating, basketball and football.

Have you wanted to pursue any of these as an occupation?


Devansh: No, that’s something I just like. I don’t like it enough to make a career out of it.

Expectations from your son, Mrs. Bansal?


Devansh’s mom: We already know that he will handle the family business. His father has already expanded the business quite much.

Do you want to follow in your father’s business?


Devansh: Yes, I have always been interested.

Define happiness.


Devansh: Playing basketball!

This lad is all about sports. Whoosh.

What if he wants to pursue sportsmanship all of a sudden? Would you support him?


Devansh’s mom: We would.

Where do you see yourself in the next four years, Devansh?

Devansh: Standing next to my father helping him handle the family business.

So loyal.

How does your family spend time together?


Devansh: Since I have become very busy with tuitions and other stuff, dinner time is strictly a family-time. It’s the time where we discuss my future and career as well.

Sometimes it looks that we don’t have choices in life – and if we do, other factors don’t allow us to pursue them. But as I said it only looks so. So Teens, make the wisest of choices and enjoy life! Don’t be fearful and be transparent about your passion with your parents.

Photographer:  Shashank K Tyagi

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