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‘TED Talk’ Says Abortion is Absolutely Normal!

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  •  June 1, 2015


TED has never held any discussion on Abortion. But this woman, Aspen Baker, has broken all the deadlocks by speaking about abortion openly in the TED Women Talk last week.

Talking about her story, she said – “When I thought about my choices I honestly did not know how to decide. What criteria I should use? How would I know what the right decision was? I worried that I would regret an abortion later.”

She remembered how one of her friends shared her abortion-story with Aspen that changed it all. She said – “…the knowledge that I wasn’t alone and the realization that abortion is something we can talk about.”

Women in most cultures, and if to focus especially on Indian women, are still very shy discussing the issue of abortion. Women who choose abortion generally face guilt or depression. The point is, talking and seeking suggestion can help such women take confident decisions. Moreover, they realize abortion is not really a bad thing as there are many women like them who opt for it.

As Aspen Baker puts it – “It can be vulnerable and exhausting to tell our own stories when it feels like nobody care. And if we truly listen to one another, we will hear things that demand that we shift our own perceptions. Empathy gets created the moment we imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It doesn’t mean that we all have to end up in the same place.”

At that we think about countries like Chile where abortion is illegal. We found this video on internet about mock ‘abortion tutorials’. This video is a public campaign urging Chile to allow women to end pregnancies in cases of rape or medical complications.

Disturbing, right? We must realize that it is the woman herself who has the right to decide if she wants the child or not. What if her pregnancy is because of rape? What if her body isn’t healthy enough to bear a child? What if she considers her career the priority at the moment? Don’t you think the countries who consider abortion illegal need to rethink??

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