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  •  January 21, 2014

With technology becoming an increasingly important part of the workplace, it is critical that job seekers show off these skills to potential employers. While most résumés are filled with skills like proficiency in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, today’s hiring managers are looking for much more. From creating pivot tables to designing Web applications, technology skills have become a critical component of any résumé.  Here are the seven tech skills that hiring experts say employers are looking for most on a résumé.


With more and more businesses choosing social media to communicate with their customers, those with knowledge of the various channels should make that known on their résumés. If you’re well-versed in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels, include these among your skill set in your résumé. These are increasingly important, especially if you’re planning to work in marketing, online publishing or public relations.

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Today, everything is online. Having some basic coding chops under your belt will make you a much more attractive hire to perspective employers and may just be the differentiating factor that gets you hired. Starting from scratch? No problem. Sites like offer free online courses where you can build up a basic knowledge in a few weeks. For starters, the best languages to learn are HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.


Although a skill like Microsoft Excel used to be something hiring managers were interested in, they now want to see how employees are taking those abilities to the next level by manipulating that data to create pivot tables.


With more and more employees working outside the office, it is becoming vitally important that job candidates include their proficiency in virtual communication, either via video conferencing or instant messaging. Job seekers should consider listing any programs they’ve used for communicating virtually on their résumé, such as Skype, Instant Messenger, Join.Me, GoToMeeting, Yammer, Dropbox, Pivotal Tracker, Nimble,
and even Google Hangouts and Google Drive.


The grand challenge for job seekers to understand and assess in 2014 is how businesses, governments and universities can harness big data analytics in shaping their competitive strategy and advantages that in particular, cuts across these nine risks – interconnectivity, systems, markets, operations, regulations, credit (and collateral), innovation, legal, and liquidity (cash).  So being handy with data management programs is a big-big plus.



Someone with knowledge in technology and is also a good writer. At least for our business, messages between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and the end user all happen in the written word online via emails, press releases, Web pages, articles, PDFs, manuals, etc. Having someone with a gift for written communication while understanding the technology is crucial.


SQL is a highly sought-after technical skill due to its ability to work with nearly all databases. Every company today that gathers data needs somebody who is able to utilize SQL to quickly pull out key data components and generate reports that aid the decision-making process.


While specific technology skills like HTML, Drupal, Java, Ruby on Rails, SEO, SEM, ORM are extremely valuable and appealing on a resume, employer wants to find the job seeker who has listed a few technologies he is only vaguely familiar with or has never heard of. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and companies are looking for someone who is ahead of the curve, not just adapting to new technologies, but driving the innovation.

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