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  •  March 14, 2014

As promised, on Tuesday the 11th, we kick started our Makeover campaign: ‘I am a Woman, not a Woe-man.’ Our heroine, Mrs. Seema Agarwal is expected to undergo makeovers like fashion, beauty, personal, etc by renowned Jaipur based experts. Our aim is to revive her life with these makeovers & hence change the narrow perception of our society which says that widows must live under staunch rituals.


Day 1 was kept for her fashion makeover and who better than Designer Pallavi Jaipur to do the task – someone who is known for transforming traditional fashion into something very chic & modern.

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Pallavi is supposed to give Seema 3 new looks according to 3 different occasions. Apart from dressing her up, Pallavi will boost up Seema’s confidence & will talk about her taste, expectations, the society in which she lives, etc. But most importantly, Pallavi would look after how Seema must perceive her own personal style after this counseling.


Read an extract from this exciting day:

Seema: Palazzos? Not my cup of tea.

Pallavi: First try them my dear.

Seema: But I have never worn them! I am limited to my pair of Jeans.

Pallavi: Let it be the 1st day in history. (Chuckles)


Well, that’s a move. Was Pallavi Jaipur successful in bringing this revolution in Seema’s life? Would Seema ever ‘try’ something that she has never worn before? Watch this space to know what happened on the very 1st day, what 3 looks did Pallavi chose for Seema and how eventually Seema looked! We will be back with full coverage along with photos!


Read more about Mrs. Seema Agarwal at http://bit.ly/1cUkV1j.


Read what Mrs. Seema thinks about this Day 1 at http://bit.ly/1evjdOP.

T2Read about our brilliant Photographer Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain who captured the moments at  https://www.facebook.com/VinaaviImageStudio.

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