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Teaching Family To Pitch In, Women Can Achieve Whatever They Desire: Apurva Purohit

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  •  May 13, 2019


Suffocated by narrow-mindedness of the society, women often let go of their aspirations to fit the description of an ideal wife and mother. But there are also those who refuse to let others control their dreams and life and instead raise themselves above the limitations to own their success. Apurva Purohit is one such daring woman.

Currently, at the peak of her career, Purohit is the President of the Jagran Group, one of India’s largest multi-media conglomerates. Also an author, a business mentor and a mother, she has juggled and aptly balanced all her roles.

“‘Having it all’ is certainly a viable option today, provided we women accept that being a great employee or entrepreneur, an outstanding cook, hands-on mom, and an amateur painter, all in the same breath, requires an immense amount of hard work and willingness to seek help. By using whatever support and resources one can access, by adjusting and being accommodative and more importantly by teaching the family to pitch in, we can achieve whatever it is that we desire. The woman who has it all is not a myth. But the woman who does it all certainly is,” she said.

She went on to add that women can have both career and family by “accepting that it’s never a choice of either/or between family and work; that it has to be ‘AND’ at every stage and by asking for help.”

“So often I see women accept the fact that once they get married, their career automatically should become a lesser priority and secondary to their role as wife and mother. This ‘boxing -in” minimizes what women are capable of doing and that social baggage is something that women and the organizations should work hard at overcoming,” she explained.

“Women possess most of the characteristics of good leaders. This is a fact. They are more democratic and participative, possess effective problem-solving capabilities, empathy, and ethics, and tend to be great team-players, motivators, and role models. Yet, the number of women holding positions of power are dismal. The issue is that the more senior a woman is, the more she makes a conscious effort to downplay her eloquence – the reverse of how most men handle power. Women don’t volunteer for challenging roles, projects or even ask for increments, as a result, they lose out on promotions. However, women transitioning from mid-management to senior leadership can overcome this by fully understanding the extent of the value they bring to the table,” she added.


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