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Tattoo or Taboo ?

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  •  February 24, 2014


Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest forms of art, laden with as many different meanings as there are global cultures. But still if you are going to get a tattoo yourself, consider if your company rules allow it. And if you are an Indian, and god forbid a girl, then it is wise to take the permission of your parents, elder siblings, husband, in-laws, neighbor, society, and so many more people who are ‘affected’ by this decision of yours.  Want to know what Jaipur has to say about tattoos? Read…

A new mother-in-law Mrs. Manju Nowlakha when asked if she would like to see her daughter-in-law getting tattooed, she said, “I don’t like tattoos, it makes a girl looks weird. I don’t support this ‘art’ and think that it only hides the real beauty of a woman. And if my daughter-in-law will ever ask my suggestion, I will never encourage her. But at the end, it’s her life and body and she has all the right to take her own decision. Though as a mother, I would not like to see any tattoo on her body.”

Mrs. Rekha Jain was asked what if her 24 years old daughter wants to get inked. Her reply: “No way! I just hate the idea of tattoos. They can lead to dangerous skin diseases and I can’t see my daughter bearing all that just for some patch on her body. Plus it is so painful and moreover, I doubt if any Indian man would like to marry a girl with tattoo. However cool they may show they are, men too have a perception. A clear NO from my side.”

beauty tips for women bad idea

We have another side of the world as well where we have people who are happy and bright about tattoo art. A Jaipur girl Nidhi Sharma is now gearing up in her career as a Tattoo Artist. Below is her narrative:

Hi I am Nidhi, Owner Ink Strong. One fine day when it was my last year at college, I read my horoscope. It said: ‘Librans, you may be puzzling over a mystery, or perhaps you’re trying to keep a secret.’ Yes, I was puzzled. And yes I was carrying a mystery within. I was confused if I should carry on with my stream – engineering. I had a mystery – should I give my creativity skill a shot?

When I got my 1st tattoo done, I immediately decided to become a Tattoo Artist myself. It may be cult for many to see a girl with tattoo and even more when she opts for this as her career choice. If you ask me, I have 8 tattoos on my body before becoming an artist but my family never objected. And about stereotypes in Jaipur, well of course they exist. Though, people are now accepting it steadily. Earlier it was a taboo but today it is an art. I have both men and women coming to me to get their desired tattoos. They fall in the age group starting from 20 to 35 years. These clients are financially independent and hence take their own decisions! I would say college students visit me regularly. However I would love to ink someone who is 45+!

Why People Get Tattoo?

It’s a beautiful way of decorating your body but moreover it enhances one’s individuality as each tattoo carries a deep meaning of this person’s life. I get requests on customized tattoo designs depending on client’s passion, some past experience, any dream, their life as a whole. However, one needs the certain level of maturity before getting something permanent. Let’s see what my clients have to say about their tattoos:

1. Devyani Bhati (21) – “My tattoo has changed my life. It is my strength and boldness statement. It’s a good illusion which at one side shows everything about you and on the other hand, hides a deep down secret.”

2. Charu Gupta (22) – “I love myself, so I wanted to get a new attraction for myself in a new way. Just like two partners do in a relation I did it with my soul. I found a new quality, a new nature of behaviour, a certain change of mind. This made me notice myself in a new way. It also expresses the message ‘Yes I am in love with myself’.”

3. Manoj Soman (28) – “Sometimes you become helpless to tell about yourself that what and who you are and I find tattoo is a medium to define you. That’s why I got tattooed so that people can know my attitude towards life, that’s me and I am happy that my tattoo explains me exactly the way I am.”

4. Lavanya Bahuguna (25) – “I am a conventional person who also believes in the Old School. Tattoo is not a ‘bad girl’ thing for me, but yes if you get it done on body parts which can disgrace your femininity, you are giving a wrong message! I have 2 tattoos and many more to come. My family objected with just an angry look and that’s it. Even my parents understand it’s an expression of self. Some get their ears pierced, some turn their hair red, others wear hippie couture, I got few tattoos. Makes any difference?”

My Message?

You see very few females into this profession and hence I have a different motto with each tattoo I ink. Before designing any tattoo, I counsel my clients and try to understand their life closely. This helps me come up with a unique design that is only theirs. I want to share and teach this art to more people with the same heart as mine. A heart that creates value with each design. This art spells peace into my soul.”

Jaipur Women Blog’s View:

We don’t think getting a tattoo is wrong until it is not harming the sentiments of our loved ones. We can overlook the perception of society but we can’t let anything harm the unity and peace of our family – even if that means dropping the idea of getting tattoo. Also, remember that this is something very permanent that will stay with you forever until one day you decide to remove it using painful laser operation. Don’t just get it because your favourite actor, singer or footballer has it. So choose a thoughtful design that you will love to see when you are 60 years old & have grandchildren playing around you. And most importantly, think 100 times before you ink someone special’s name on your skin!! You know it why.



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