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Take Weekend Inspiration From This Free-spirited Baby Lioness

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  •  August 1, 2015

I am deeply saddened by the death of Cecil, one of the most beautiful lions that lived in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Few days back, Cecil was hunted by an American dentist.

But these photos of a baby lioness named Carys has brought back the smile on my face. Look at this 11 months old future queen playing with fallen leaves.

Doesn’t she look like one of those heroines from Yash Raj films, the leaves look similar. Lol.11760-R3L8T8D-1000-6

In some pictures, she shows her strength to those dead leaves 11860-R3L8T8D-1000-8 13260-R3L8T8D-1000-lvenok-08 13310-R3L8T8D-1000-lvenok-10While in others, wears them like a designer hat11560-R3L8T8D-1000-2 11610-R3L8T8D-1000-3 11660-R3L8T8D-1000-5 13210-R3L8T8D-1000-slide_326400_3140257_free-1 13410-R3L8T8D-1000-tumblr_ncsmm19vHU1tc258so8_1280.png Enjoy her sight and stay playful this weekend!11710-R3L8T8D-1000-4 13110-R3L8T8D-1000-slide_326400_3140269_free 13160-R3L8T8D-1000-lvenok-07

Can you see how happy she is. Psst.

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