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Taira Bhargava Is Feeding over 350 People Per Week With Her Initiative Double Roti

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  •  January 11, 2019

As per a report by CSR Journal, “INDIANS waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes.” Another United Nations Development Programme study suggests that “up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted.” These are indeed big numbers and the stats get even more alarming when we think of them in terms of the swelling population of the country.

Taira Bhargava was hit by the same realisation after attending a lavish Indian wedding last year. The sight of large quantities of food going wasted and being thrown into the bins left her feeling really disturbed. The thought that so many people go to bed with an empty stomach while huge quantities of food get wasted kept her awake for nights.

The sight made her aware of the problems of those who didn’t have enough to eat and she stayed restless till she came up with a plan to contribute somehow. This was the starting of her initiative Double Roti, where she collaborated with a bakery to supply bread at various locations in the city, three days a week.

She shared in a recent interaction with The Better India, “Double Roti in Hindi, means ‘bread’, and in a sense, we were looking to address two issues–feed the hungry and ensure that surplus food does not go to waste.”

She added, “As of now we are feeding about 300 to 400 hungry people each week, and with raising larger amounts of money, the hope is to reach an increased number of people and tie up with more food outlets in the city.”

Just 16, Taira is busy expanding her initiative despite her board exams being around the corner and that shows how determined she is to impact a change. “This is something that I want to be able to change,” she says.

Wish to join Taira in her commendable pursuit? You can reach out to her via e-mail at, you can also visit her website, or contribute to her initiative via her Ketto page.

H/T: The Better India

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