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Swept Away by Woman-Nature…

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  •  December 15, 2014


Read the names: Dolly, Flora, Frieda, Laura, Sonia, Hazel, Katrina, Jenny, Nicole, Sitara, Tanya, Anna, Kate, Andrea, Carrie, Brenda, Haima, Sarika, Ruby etc.

No, I am not helping you with baby names. Instead these are the names of some frightening and life-threatening cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes. Obviously named after humans, what interests me is that most of the names are after women. The National Hurricane Center says: “Originally, hurricanes were given the names of saints who were honored on the day they occurred. In a very wise move, men’s names were introduced in 1979, and are now rotated with women’s names.”

So until 1979, these badasses were given female names and now again they are being given our names. Sigh. What’s my point of concern? THIS ->

Historically, it is said that hurricanes with female names have killed more people as compared to the male ones. What? With *rolling eyes* I am hoping the usual societal stereotype is not attached with this study that a woman is more destructive and disturbing than a man. Is she? Did you just nod?

Seeing this Ad made me laugh and get a little angry at the same time. Sexist, I say.

Though taking this hurricane study in a positive way, it is, however, opposing another stereotype that links men with strength and aggression, and women with passiveness and dullness. Yes, these storms are stronger than you. Better protect yourself more from Hurricane Victoria than Hurricane Victor. *wink wink*

But I have a question here – are women really like hurricane? The nature is considered feminine and has two wonderful qualities. It blossoms the most beautiful flowers but at the same time, shows its darker side in form of storms, cyclones, earthquakes, etc. It has the hidden power and beauty, similar to that of a woman. She is smiling, sparkling like a sun and flower, but when needed, she has all the strength to shake the surroundings. Most men agree here, lol.

FYI 2005’s Katrina is said to be the most devastating. And no, my view here has nothing to do with Bollywood’s Katrina and her role in Salman’s and Ranbir’s like. #OkBye

By Lavanya Bahuguna,


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