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Himanshu Roy

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Survey: Girl-Gamers Overtake Boys by 5%

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  •  November 14, 2015


If you thought that gaming is a boy thing, then it’s about time that you think twice. Gone are the days when gaming used to be a monopoly of nerdy looking guys in their shorts, clutching an X-Box in their hands and playing ‘macho’ games like ‘Call of Duty’.

It appears that girls too are not at all behind when it comes to gaming – and now even ahead of the gamer boys. A new survey shows that around 42 percent of American women actually own a gaming console. And what about the men? You will be surprised to hear that they form only the 37 percent of gamers and are much behind women.

Well, it is quite a change from 2010 when the men were ahead of the women by 5 percent. Experts feel that this increase in women-gamers is because of smartphones. It goes without saying that along with Facebook and WhatsApp, all of us check out the new games from the playstore and spend several hours trying to score more in ‘Subway Surger’. (Btw, the countless candy crush requests that I often find in my Facebook notification center are also from women!)

So, it seems that the stereotype that guys tend to be more interested in gaming than women will find no more takers since now it is known that girls are equally interested in spending their free time playing some funky games.

Read the full story at Mic and The Verge.

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