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Sunita Mehra: take responsibility and breathe kindness

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  •  May 29, 2014


Mrs. Sunita Mehra is Jaipur’s well-known Golfer who has played numerous golf tournaments including the prestigious Mercedes Golf Cup. She loves driving and is a national level athlete. What we know little about her is that she is a fierce animal lover too. She is one of the foundation members of Animal Welfare Board of India, Rajasthan wing, which was inaugurated on 28th April 2012 by the Mayor of Jaipur Mrs. Jyoti Khandelwal.

Sunita-4When you enter Sunita’s house, you are welcomed by bowls of water on the footpath for stray animals and parindas in the garden. Bird chirpings fill the air with a cool melody in the hot summers.

Her Inspiration:

According to Sunita, her inspiration is her friend Mickey Rahi who always carries biscuits and chapattis in her car and feeds hungry animals on her way. She came to know that these simple acts of kindness can bring a lot of peace and self-satisfaction in one’s life. Since then, Sunita too started feeding and helping animals which led her to becoming member of Animal Welfare Board of India, Rajasthan.

Her Strength:

When asked about the support she gets, Sunita promptly replies: “My husband Mr. Pradeep Mehra has been extremely supportive in all my endeavours – let it be animal welfare or golf. He has been my strength throughout. When I started keeping bowls filled with water outside my home, the bowls started disappearing. I discussed this with my husband and he gave me an answer which eased all my doubts. He told me that the person who takes away the bowls needs them much more than us, and hence, we should not back off from our duty for the animals. He has been my strength & guide.”


About finding finance:

When we came on the finance side of her activities, she told us that Animal Welfare board of India is a semi-government organisation. It provides financial assistance to NGOs working for the wellbeing of animals. As far as personal efforts towards animals are concerned, no big investment is required. All it takes is a heart full of love and small budgets for things like veterinary medicines etc. It is her husband who supports her financially. How beautiful!

What future holds for Sunita:

Sunita thinks she needs other 2-3 years before getting into the world of animals for full time. She believes she still has a lot to learn.

Path to Success:

According to Sunita, one must give his 100% to whatever the task in hand is. She did the same for her two passions – golf and animals. Don’t let constraints like money stop you from pursuing what you want to. It is the heart that is important. Fill it with compassion before working for needy souls. This also creates a positive aura in your life and feeling of good karma.

Before signing off, Sunita remembered her dog Simi from her childhood. She told us how Simi had to be given away to a royal family because Sunita’s father, who was a lieutenant, was transferred to a remote village.

This is truly said that until one has loved an animal, a part of the soul remains unawakened. Write about your love for animals and your kind doings for them in the comments below. We would love to know!

By Ruby Khan,

Jaipur Women Blog Journalist

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