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Sunita Bapna: What else can I do today?

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  •  August 8, 2014


Sunita Bapna. If you have been living in Jaipur, you must have heard this name before. This is one of those few women who have refused to give up even in the harsh situations. What made her the kind of person she is today? This article will give you a glimpse in her personal life…in her own words.

Sunita Bapna founded Heera Foundation, after her late husband’s name, in which she is also the Trustee and Secretary. This foundation provides hearing-aid to the disabled children, free of cost. Uh, that’s not all. She is the Executive Member of the Jaipur Rotary Club and the Executive life member in ICCW – all this at the age of 70.


So what is that – that has kept her going? Let’s know from her:

“If you call me an inspiration, I think you are impressed by my desire to live. I have immense self-respect and love towards my own self. It is not that all of a sudden I have become the kind of woman I am today, it is a practice of all those years prior to it. My mantra was to make a plan of retirement before your retirement. And this includes plans about your finances, your activities, friends’ circle, hobbies, etc.


I am 70 but I keep myself away from bedroom. It’s better to be among people whose company you love the most. My friends keep me active and healthy. But, it’s a two way process. If you make a social circle, you got to be an active part of it. Don’t think yourself as someone old who is too lazy to go out and meet friends or relatives.

When we grow older, we start underestimating our worth. To fight this feeling, I have started with Charity. The fulfilling peace that it gives me is irreplaceable. By this I do not mean monetary help, but how often you are physically and emotionally present for someone. If you have a sorrow inside, go and do some kind of social work and then experience how your sorrow gets vanished and you receive great joy. You may go and teach small kids or village children in some school. You may sit with those who have been abandoned from their families. Go spend some time with them, they have a lot to talk and share with you.”

We asked her how she has been living all alone for so many years. Why she never chose to live with her beloved son? Doesn’t she get bored or afraid?

She says: “It is not about living alone but feeling lonely. I never let myself get bored! There is so much to do. Open yourself for changes; it’s not a bad idea. When I am not with my associated organizations, I open other ways to indulge myself. I love handwork. I absolutely love my plants and do a lot of gardening. Along with all this, I don’t let my mind get destructive with many emotions. In this age it is important to learn to divert your emotions. When I am angry, I use the aggression in cleaning home. I get a sparkling home when someone makes me angry. Haha.”

Any message for our women readers in their late 50s, 60s and above?

She says: “I have 3 questions for the Jaipur women that they should ask themselves –

  1. ‘What else can I do today?’
  2. ‘What new I want to do?’
  3. ‘How can I help others?’

These questions will help you live a life full of satisfaction and absolute happiness, no matter what your age is.”


With her vibrant youth-like energy, she is sure to become an icon for everyone – be it a teenager or an octogenarian. Agree?

If you want to share any moments with Mrs. Sunita Bapna with us, do write them in the comments below!

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