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Suneeta Rao On Making A Comeback To The Stage And Her Musical Roots

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  •  November 5, 2018

Remember the soothing notes of the song Paree Hoon Main? Suneeta Rao, the singer who rendered her magical voice to the song, is back to the stage after a long hiatus.

Making her presence felt in the world of theatre this time, Rao is exhilarated to be back. In a recent interaction with Hindustan Times, she talked about the comeback and how her roots lie essentially in the musical theatre.

Recollecting how she made her foray into pop, Rao says, “I started out as a chorus dancer in the musical called Evita that is based on Peron’s Mistress, and later even toured India with my plays. I portrayed lead roles and was active in theatre from 1983-88. Then my pop career took off.”

The irony today is that a lot of people think she is a singer who has turned into an actor. “It’s funny because I have always considered myself as an actor because even if you are doing a music video, you are always expressing,” she says, commenting on the same.

Rao’s return to the world of theater has a backstory. She shares, “My last album was in 2008, after which I did a few shows such as one in front of the Taj Mahal where I was the sutradhar between a flamenco and a Kathakali dancer. After this I started pottery, and even wrote a blog on motherhood. Then I once randomly said I want to do serious acting and went for an intensive workshop that my friend was conducting. Immediately after this, I was offered this play Gaa Re Maa… As it turns out, the role was tailormade for me because the creative producer (Ishitta Arun) wanted a singer who could act. And, the one who recommended my name was none other than singer Ila Arun though she had never seen me perform as far as I remember…When she saw me perform in this play, she said: I knew you would be the right person for this. I had told them (crew) all.”

“When singing, you are giving your energy and the audience is taking it in. In acting, you don’t know how they are going to interpret the lines… But, the moment you know that you have to face a theatre audience — be it in Mumbai or Delhi — you know that it’s going to be an immersive experience. And the kind of magic that this audience makes you feel, I hope that continues in future,” she says, comparing the experience of performing as a singer and an actor.

H/T: Hindustan Times

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