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Suffering From Down Syndrome, 24 Y.O. Old Aditi Is A Successful Entrepreneur Today

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  •  March 22, 2019


Set up in the Mumbai’s Bhoomi Mall, ‘Aditi’s Corner’ may not look any different from any other food joint but its specialty is its owner- 24-year-old Aditi Verma, who is suffering from Down Syndrome.

“In the beginning, we were clueless about what we should do, as we saw the many challenges her disability presented socially,” her mother Reena Verma said.

“Aditi’s growth was slow. She went through an open heart surgery when she was two. She walked slowly, her speech was unclear. We sent her to a regular school but realized the teachers can’t give her attention. Other kids didn’t want to play with her. We then shifted her to a special school, which worked well,” her mother added.

“I always loved cooking, and would surprise my mom with dishes I picked up from YouTube videos,” said Aditi. Not wanting to make their daughter feel different from kids her age, her parents supported her passion and set up the eatery for her. And within three months, Aditi earned major profits from her work, making her parents proud of her success. “We never treated Aditi differently from her brother and encouraged her to pursue her dreams,” her father Amit Verma said.

For being an inspiration for everyone around her, Aditi was honored by the Delhi Commission for Women this Women’s Day. Aditi has also spoken at public events and shared her life story of never giving up. Even renowned chef and restaurateur Vikas Khanna visited Aditi’s Corner in September 2018!

“I just love the rajma chawal and the egg preparation made here. More than that, I love the dynamism of Aditi and her respectful and humble nature,” shared one of her customers.

“The first thing that comes to mind about ‘Aditi’s Corner’ is the yummy Maggi there. The owner is such a focused and well-mannered girl; an inspiration for all of us. I call her the ‘Little Business Woman’, who has taught me how to face challenges in life with a smile,” another customer expressed her praise.

H/T: Hindustan Times and The Hindu 

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