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Student’s Project: Read Tabloid newspapers without sexist headlines

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  •  May 16, 2015


We get habitual to things we see every day. Even if these things are not right, we just co-exist with them. And when someone shows how they must be in ideal way, it becomes an eye-opener. Like in this provoking project, created by college students Erin Valentine and Ashley McGetrick called “Breaking News: Deconstructing Entertainment Journalism.”

The new project highlights the rampant sexism in entertainment media by revealing what headlines would look like if tabloids treated female celebrities like real people.

“Whether in line at the grocery store, scrolling through Facebook or flipping through television channels, it is hard to miss headlines worshiping, critiquing or questioning the physiques and lifestyles of female public figures,” Valentine said. “While seemingly harmless, these hyped up headlines attack more than just the people pictured.”

The two seniors at Elon University created the project for their capstone course on women and gender in the media.

By the way, we love their versions and would prefer to have it for real. See the new headlines on the right side:


We think we should conduct such an experiment on Indian media as well. Are you with us in this endeavor?

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