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Struggling With Lingerie Woes? IWB Is Here To Solve All Your Doubts

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  •  December 4, 2018


If you are a woman then you already know how the right bra can make a good dress look great and the wrong bra can ruin the best dress in your wardrobe. But here’s the catch – how do you find the right one?

Let’s be honest, we have all struggled with bra woes at some time in life or the other. Until recently, I had an entire section in my wardrobe dedicated to clothes which I couldn’t wear just because I didn’t have the right bra. Feel me?

I know you do and so did most of the women in IWB. Thus, we all decided to sit over some nachos and coffee and brainstormed together to find a bra for every occasion. Our brainstorming session ended up at Clovia, the online lingerie store that had to offer literally all the lingerie styles that we could think of.

Intrigued to find out how our discussions went and the solutions that we came up with? Read on:

For an erotic rendezvous

For the nights that are full of adventure, and there remains more to be anticipated, what do you do to keep up the spirit? Wear lingerie that takes it higher!

“Colour coordinated lingerie makes me feels infinitely sexy and gives me so much peace in a way that suggests that just a small part of my life lies absolutely in order. I think matching lingerie remains highly underrated,” says our marketing manager Namrata.


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When you are down and out

When your spirits hit a low and you are your only hero, you lift yourself up without letting the world know. On days when you seek internal strength more than anything else, you wear lingerie that does it for you.

Nothing does it better for me than a lacy thong panty. All my narcissism comes from my butt and thongs do the needful for me. Thus, whenever I am feeling down, I always keep a pair handy to keep myself going. Try it and tell me.



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When you have to power dress like the boss that you truly are 

“I used to think that nothing looks better than a power suit and then I found a push-up bra. No idea why, but I feel really powerful and charged up in a push-up bra. It’s like my little dose of confidence,” says our star blogger Apeksha.

Hailed for the desired oomph and cleavage it offers, the push-up bra is a true blessing.


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To spice things up with Mr. Husband

Things going lackluster in the bedroom of late? We have the right fix for you. Our boss Ana swears by baby dolls when it comes to turning on the heat in the bedroom. Take points, ladies, take points!


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When you want to look sexy and trying too hard is not your thing

Lately, a lot of us at work have been obsessed with bralettes. We are wearing them with blazers, under tops, even over tops, and what not. Our editor Kashika thinks that nothing spells understated sexy better than a bralette and we absolutely agree with her. We think that bralettes are the most fashionable piece of lingerie ever, and you will too once you give them a try.


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While packing for your next big adventure

“I kept taking my multiway bra for granted till my recent trip to Goa. Not only did it help me save packing space but also went really well with all of my outfits which were in varying cuts and styles. Get one today and thank me later,” says Puja, our social media manager.

If bralettes are the most fashionable bra style, then multiway bras have to be the most versatile ones. Since it gives you the option to attach and detach the shoulder straps to match your dress’ style, we think that it can be your go-to bra for all your stylish outfits.


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Pre-Bachelorette/Pajama night with girls

The women gang at IWB recently did one hell of a Halloween sleepover and our takeaway from the same? We think that a T-shirt paired with bikini bottoms is a classic style. Comfy and chic, the style sure was a hit at our party. Why don’t you all give it a try and tell us how did it go?


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For all the parties that will ever be

Our team at IWB feels that finding the right lingerie for parties is a herculean task. It is only after a dozen nip slips and trial and errors that we have been able to curate the perfect party lingerie list for you from all our party wisdom. Here you go:

Balconette bra:

In the mood for showing off your décolletage at the upcoming office party? Balconette should be your baby! With wide-set straps and broad neckline, this bra gives you the most desirable retro cleavage.



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Plunge Bra:

More of a cleavage person? Then take a plunge right away! Flaunt your deep neck tops and dress in this sexy in-vogue bra. Also, don’t forget to check your perfect bra size using bra size calculator.


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Strapless Bra: Every woman needs a strapless bra. Let’s just settle it there!


For strapless bras

Backless Bra: If you were at IWB, you’d die for our marketing manager Namrata’s backless dresses and the ease with which she carries them. What’s the secret, you ask? A backless bra, of course!


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