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Stop Promoting Child Labor!

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  •  November 14, 2014


If you have a child (under 18) working as a servant in your home or boutique or restaurant or shop, you are already a criminal.

Today on Children’s Day while we are talking about empowering the future of India, we are sad to see so many Jaipur families actually promoting child labor. Why do we blame outsiders for being cruel to children while we have a small boy or girl working at our own home?

Definitely, these kids are NOT destined to wash your utensils or clothes or wash your floors or toilets. They deserve a good future too. We know few Jaipurites who have chosen the path of humanity giving the labour-kids of their home a better future. (Names not mentioned because of privacy reasons)

  • A man in Mansarovar area changed the life of his home servant, Krishna, by taking charge of the latter’s life. Small Krishna was encouraged by this saintly man to pursue his dream. He was enrolled in a school and few hobby classes. Today, Krishna is in his early 30s and is holding his own art exhibitions at Jawahar Kala Kendra regularly. He is a painter and a Photographer. And yes, both of them still live under one roof like brothers, having equal share of life’s luxury.
  • Another man in C-scheme who has no family other than the 400 underprivileged children. Every month he takes care of these 400 children’s education and stationary. And this is not all, he is fond of his servant’s little son whom he often takes for enjoying Sunday at the World Trade Park. The little boy studies in a renowned school of Jaipur and is passionate to become a Pilot.

We hope, these two Jaipurites will impart some change in handful of us. Let us change the destiny of at least one child this new year who cannot afford to change his/her own.

PS – Sponsoring the education of one child actually doesn’t cost much. We are not asking you to enroll the labor-child in a fancy school, rather opt for a government school where monthly fee is less than our one time visit to a beauty salon. #JustSaying.

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