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Stop Everything & Look At The Pictures Of Women Surfers From 2015 Fiji Women’s Pro!

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  •  June 24, 2015

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! The pictures of women surfers are kick-ass!

2015 Fiji Women’s Pro had some tough women surfers participating. Looking at the pictures itself will explain what kind of ‘tough’ are we talking here –

Nikki Van Dijk during Round 2 of the 2015 Fiji Women’s Pro:

Nikki-Van-Dijk-2 Nikki-Van-Dijk-3 Nikki-Van-Dijk-4

Tatiana Weston Webb dominated her Round 3 heat to advance to the Quarters:Tatiana-Weston-Webb

Bianca Buitendag runner up at the Fiji Womens Pro:Bianca-Buitendag

Lakey Peterson winning her Round 4 heat:Lakey-Peterson

Courtney Conlogue during Round 3:Courtney-Conlogue

Carissa Moore enjoying great waves at in Heat 3:Carissa-Moore

Sally Fitzgibbons winning the Fiji Womens Pro:Sally-Fitzgibbons-2

Joanne Defay winning her Round 2 heat in excellent surf in Fiji:Joanne-Defay

Carissa Moore, a 3 time world champion told HuffPost: “It makes me feel like they (people) believe in us.”

The winner, Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, didn’t lose her spirits even after she busted an eardrum during a second round. Bravo!Sally-Fitzgibbons

Powerful, right? Psst, let’s not even get talking about how their fit bodies.

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