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Lavanya Bahuguna


Stop Creating Alakshmis! Please?

  • IWB Post
  •  November 15, 2015


We worship Lakshmi 365 days, especially during Diwali. And why not, she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, after all. Post Diwali, let us talk about her ‘dear’ sister – Alakshmi, the goddess of misfortune, poverty, bad luck and extreme ugliness.

Haven’t heard of her? I was guessing it right.

Compared to Lakshmi, big sister Alakshmi has always been portrayed in a very different light. According to the Hindu mythology, Lakshmi is someone who is full-breasted, broad-hipped and smiling kindly. On the other hand, Alakshmi is just a dirty old woman with dark complexion, sunken cheeks, thick lips, beady eyes and dried-up skin.

Lakshmi gets to sit on the lotus while Alakshmi rides a donkey. Oh poor Alakshmi!

While the good character (Lakshmi) has a fairer complexion and beautiful figure, we’re not surprised to see the bad Alakshmi being given a dark skin; after all, we are one racist country who dislike dark-skinned people. Amazingly, we have been loyally following this discriminating ritual since then, making our girls the victims.

Alas, our judgment! We choose who will be a Lakshmi and whom to label Alakshmi. Fair and big eyes – beautiful. Dark and fat – ugly.

Result? You might have noticed how the ‘pretty’ ones get all the attention, while their darker-counterparts look like victims. Consequences? We see these dark-skins and fat-thighs turning into grumpy women, filled with envy, rage, greed and lust. And then a funny thing happens when we encounter such women and say – ‘why is she always so frustrated and unhappy?’


What more? Our dear parents and grandparents act like the fuel to this never-ending issue. They splurge blindly on expensive whitening creams, fat reducing surgeries, perfecting the eye sight to get rid of her thick glasses and fixing her crooked tooth. After all, who will dare to marry their dark, ugly-looking daughter?

Alakshmi might be the goddess of misfortune who brings disharmony in lives of people with huge money, but I am sorry, we are also a bunch of ‘ugly’ minds.

Post Diwali, let’s put an end to this custom. Let’s stop ‘creating’ Alakshmis. Let’s stop injecting low self-esteem in our daughters. Shall we?

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