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Stand-Up Comedian Prashasti Singh Explaining New Age Relationships & Fuckboys Is Relatable AF

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  •  August 9, 2018

Fuckboys and relationships. Just two words and an entire episode of life comes live in front of our eyes, right? A self-entitled man-child that most of us have met at least once in our life, to be fair, teaches a lot. 

Stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh, who is currently a contestant on Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan, very hilariously explains the new age relationship that looks for true love through dating apps. The mythical concept fed into us by rom-coms, young adult novels, and dating sites that it first begins with casual dating and slowly turns into THE ONE is brilliantly broken by Singh.

Singh expresses, “Maine bachpan se sacche pyar ke bahut sapne dekhe the, but mujhe kaafi sadma laga when I came to Mumbai and figured out yahan toh pyar mohabbat ka fashion hi khatam ho chuka hai.” (I dreamt of true love since childhood but I was in trauma when I came to Mumbai and figured out that the fashion of true love doesn’t exist here anymore.) 

The idea of a fairytale-ish story of a good girl meets bad boy and they fall in love brought alive by once-upon-a-time Bollywood has now taken a twist. Singh says, “We have new-age Bollywood that told me ki aaj ki date mein, sacche pyar ki pehli seedi hai casual sex. Bas yeh khoon ka ghoot aap pi lijiye toh true love is guaranteed.” (We have new age Bollywood, which tells us that casual sex is the first step to true love. Once this stage is crossed, true love is guaranteed.)

She adds that to fit into the modern world, we get into everything that looks cool – from listening to Coldplay to fake interest in Marvel DC Comics, everything. Singh calls the generation, “Tinder desperate bachon ka catalogue.” (Tinder is the catalogue for today’s desperate kids.)

She then hilariously puts forwards how we dig our own graves by wanting to be with fuckboys. Singh states, “Bina bezzati kaisa pyar, jab tak ki self-worth ki dhajiya na udaade. Kaise ayegi feel. Humein chahiye ek emotionally unavailable boy, jise hum pyar karna sikha sakein.” (What is love without insult? How will we get the feels until our self-worth is damaged to the core? We want an emotionally unavailable boy, whom we can teach how to love.)

Then we eventually find “a brooding artist,” who looks straight out of an Imtiaz movie. “A dude who thinks responsibilities are dumb capitalism is a conspiracy, and liberation starts with his man bun. And, just like in the movies, to get him, you have to be the person jo sirf sex karti hai, chill karti hai, aur black coffee peeti hai.” She adds, “Humne socha, this is not me, but agar iske end pe Imtiaz Ali keh rahe hai pati mil jayega toh kar lungi yeh bhi. (We did think that this is not us but if we can get a husband by the end of the process as director Imtiaz Ali says, then there’s no harm in trying to be that girl.)

The bubble bursts soon and soon, with just a text, we realise that we’re definitely not on the same page. Singh says, “After a few days, I texted him, ‘Hey, I miss you’. Toh dude ne 8 ghante baad reply kiya, ‘Missing is natural’. Sadhguru ka pravachan chal raha hai yahan pe?” (After a few days, I texted him, ‘Hey, I miss you’. To which he replies after 8 hours, ‘Missing is natural’. Are we listening to Sadhguru’s discourse?)

Some self-help books and self-love sessions later we finally realise our self-worth.

Cut to present, kaafi self-help books padh rahi hu aajkal like the wisdom of insecurities, enlightenment through the ages, khwaja mere khwaja dil mein samaja. But the best book I have found is ‘why he disappeared’. Not so much the content of the book but the fact that it exists, ki chutiya sabka universally cut raha hai.”

(Cut to present, I am reading a lot of self-help books like the wisdom of insecurities, enlightenment through the ages, khwaja mere khwaja dil mein samaja (a sufi song). But the best book I have found is ‘why he disappeared’. Not so much the content of the book but the fact that it exists is that everybody is making a fool out of themselves.)

Relationships and Fuckboys : Stand-up by Prashasti Singh #Comicstaan

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