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Speech Of Taylor Swift’s Mom Will Make You Proud Of Your Daughter6

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  •  April 20, 2015

Andrea Swift, Taylor Swift‘s mother, is a proud mommy. When her daughter got the Milestone Award at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2015, she couldn’t hide but shared her feelings with the world.

Read some excerpts from Andrea’s speech:

I’ve watched this milestone artist from the time she was a tangled-hair little girl on our farm, full of imagination and creativity, until right now as she prepares for her next world tour. And ever since then, her favorite thing in the world to do is to write a song, tell a story, play guitar or piano, and I’ve seen those things carry her through every emotion, every experience in her life, good or bad.

For many years, I was her constant companion. And I witnessed a young girl with very few friends become one with many, learning to stand up for herself and the things she believes in. Being brave enough to explore her musical curiosity, having a voice against those who hate, and giving of herself to those in need.

I am a very proud mom. I want to thank the entire music community for taking such good care of her. And to the fans: I know you love her as I love her. And for that, I thank you eternally.

Dear Jaipur mothers, do you have a proud ‘daughter‘ moment to share with us? Write in the comments below!

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