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Sophie Gamond’s ‘Wet Dog’ Project Will Wet Your Heart With Awe

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  •  October 16, 2015


There is this brilliant photographer who has made a project about man’s best friend caught in a rather compromising situation.

Got your wits twisted, have I?

Okay, let me put it straight. Photographer Sophie Gamund has made a project called ‘Wet Dog’. She captured those adorable, funny, yet sympathizing moments when dogs get bathed. And these moments are nothing short of compromising situations for these canine fellas!

The way their lustrous and effortlessly straight hair gets distorted… umm, temporarily, that is. And the way an innocuous look, that can make anyone drool with pity, dawns upon their face! Isn’t all this a whole new degree of adorableness?561c12991400002b003c807b

“Photographing dogs during bath time allowed me to capture the wide range of expressions they have, I wonder: have they acquired human expressions after living with us for so long?” says Sophie.

“I find wet dogs funny, yes…”

I too find them amusing, Sophie.

“…but mostly incredibly touching. There is something deeper and more poignant happening with these portraits. When we laugh in front of a miserable wet dog, aren’t we also feeling some kind of guilt?”

Here are some of the pictures from her collection.

Caution: Brace yourself before you scroll further. These wet canines’ portraits may instigate an incessant ‘Awwww’ reaction in you.

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Oh, and by the way, Sophie’s Wet Dog photography book, featuring a total of 120 photos like these is available for sale.

Also, I have to admit that I have bookmarked this page, because somehow, these pictures give me hope and happiness.

PS: No, I am not a sadist. I am not delighting at the misery of these dogs. #ForeverDogLover #KThanksBye

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