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Sonakshi Sinha Speaks On Catfights & Says Men Gossip More Than Women

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  •  December 7, 2017


Sonakshi Sinha astonished her audience with her last film Ittefaq. The actor, who, till now, was seen doing only masala flicks, has lately geared up to show her real talent to the world.

In a recent interview with DNA, she was asked about her ongoing projects and the relationship with her female co-stars. Sonakshi, being the witty and quirky person, that she is, answered the latter questions with a Dabangg punch.

Excerpts below:

On doing films with tight budgets

Whether it’s a big-budget commercial film or it’s a well-budgeted film like Ittefaq, I feel I’ve broken those barriers. I enjoy them both because I enjoy my craft a lot. So, whether I have to play a Maya or a Rajjo, I will do it with as much enjoyment.

On exploring herself with arty films like Lootera

Nobody ever said that I cannot act. They said I held my own in a Salman Khan film, which was the biggest compliment for me. Honestly, when films like Lootera came along while I was doing Son Of Sardaar and Rowdy Rathore and all that, it struck a chord somewhere. I felt that this will be something that will push me in a way that other films won’t. And it did. I enjoyed doing it. After that, I was already committed to these commercial films. Then came Akira, Noor, and Ittefaq, and I knew these were films that would push my buttons.

On working with actor Diana Penty and experiencing catfights 

I don’t understand why that’s said only about heroines. I can tell you men are more insecure and also gossip more than women (laughs). They are the ones who gossip the most.

On doing a two-heroine film

It’s absolutely fine as long as you are happy with your role and character. Why do you want to think about who else is doing what? If you are not happy, then you try to make tweaks if you enjoy the premise of the film. But other than that, if you are okay with what you are doing, do it else don’t. The choice is in your hands.

So many times there have been actors whom I didn’t know or had an equation with when I worked with them for the first time. Akshaye Khanna, for instance. Why should it be any different for a heroine? I have not worked with Jacqueline (Fernandez) before but I also meet her at parties, and we get along really well. I am someone who gets along with everyone. So I need to find someone who I’m not okay with, first to decide on this.

On why no A-list actor likes playing the second lead to a female lead

That’s again their prerogative. A film should be made not based on who is in it or who is doing a special appearance. If you’re making it for a character and to project that character in a certain way, then do it for that. In the end, you need to be true to yourself. It should be seamless, for instance, like Secret Superstar. Aamir was fabulous in the film. It should not be like daalne ke liye daal diya, just for the name. Nahi chahiye naam ke liye! We should have that much confidence in ourselves, the script and the content that we will be able to do without that.

You can read the full interview on DNA.

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