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  •  February 4, 2014


This term combining “solo operator” with “entrepreneur”, is the latest buzz word. “Solopreneurship” is a real option for many academics no longer satisfied in the world of higher education. It is a real step forward for many corporate professionals who feel bored in their cubic offices. Working independently and following ideas from conception to completed projects are just a few of the easily transferable skills.

Think about your dream job for a minute. How would you spend your days? Really spend some time on this. Visualize your schedule, your work environment, and your daily tasks. Do you have a clear picture in your mind?

Your dream job would consist of doing exactly what you love and already know how to do. Your schedule, work environment, and tasks would be tailor-made to fit your preferences.

In the simplest possible terms, solopreneurs are entrepreneurs who work alone. They might be artists, web designers, acupuncturists, counselors, photographers or motivational speakers …and the list goes on! At first, many of these professions don’t seem to have much in common. But what they share is passion: they want to make a living doing what they love. Solopreneurship is an exciting and increasingly viable business model.

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The first step is identifying your expertise: What are you passionate about? What do you love to do? What are you already good at? Turning your passion into a living might sound scary, but it’s completely doable—as long as you focus on doing the work you love to do. Solopreneurship is the perfect way to build on your knowledge, support your financial independence, and monetize your expertise.

7 Ways to Make Your Unique Talents Pay

  1. Focus on a deep narrow niche: Deep focus brings clarity – for marketing, pricing and competition. With focus comes expertise, which brings in new business. 
  2. Develop a business mindset: in simply words, value yourself! 
  3. Understand your target audience. 
  4. Market every day: via e-mails, facebook page, twitter account etc.
  5. Set micro tasks: Don’t go for the big enchilada straight away. Plan out a route to get there with numerous stops and milestones to show your progress. 
  6. Don’t do everything: You’re not a robot. You’re the incredible you. Focus on your strengths, and make them even stronger. That’s why people work best in a team.
  7. Find a team: Network till you find people you admire and want to work with. Show them an absorbing reason why they should spend time with you – and then work out a mutual advantage you can work on for collective success. Build an incredible network around you you can count on and rely on – and they, too, can count on and rely on you.

The options of soloprenearship are limitless. All it takes is acknowledging that you have something unique and beautiful to offer the world: YOURSELF.

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