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Sohini Guharoy, The Quint’s Social Media Editor, Tells Us What It’s Like To Be Connected 24×7

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  •  November 22, 2017


Dishing out tips on how to ace the blogging world through social media, Sohini Guharoy, Social Media Head at The Quint, conducted a fun session for the budding bloggers and journalists at the Bloggy Boogie event, at St. Xaviers University. But as we all must know by now, my eagerness was yet to subside.

Having interned at six different places before starting her professional life, Sohini is the walking-talking Bible of Social Media. So, as soon as her amazing session ended, I whisked her away for a yummy lunch at Olive Restaurant.

Me: During the session, you talked about your first field assignment as an Intern, how was it like?

Sohini: Oh, it was totally unexpected yet so, so wonderfully insightful. You see, I had started interning in my first year of Bachelor of Arts at Loreto College. Interning with Times Of India at the time, I was sent to cover this huge cake making during the eve of Christmas. Initially thinking that it would be a ‘cover and write’ kinda story, guess my reaction when we were taken to the mammoth-sized kitchen where the cake was being made!

It was amazing and I had my first champagne there! I call that memorable!

Bloggy Boggie

Me: Cheers to that! For how many years have you worked in this field of amazing experiences?

Sohini: This January I’ll complete 5 years as a professional but yeah, if you count from the first year of my college, the year 2009, when I started as an intern, well you do the maths.

Me: More than 8 years of experiences, at 28, whoa! What would you call the biggest highlight of your career on this journey?

Sohini: I would call my transition from newspaper to a television channel, CNN-IBN. The exposure I got was a good high in my career. And the second would be when I joined The Quint in its early days, and I put my heart and soul into it. I was doing everything from writing to helping in production, it became my personal learning curve.

Me: You have had a number of bosses till now, what would you say have been their best and the worst advice to you?

Sohini: I have this habit of cleaning my mind palace of the worst things so yeah only the best remains!

Me: Tell, please!

Sohini: It was my first boss, Jai Prakash. He told me that I may be handling local media with ease, but when it comes to national media, it is a stream and you’ll not know when which tide will blow you away. Unless I am prepared for the main race.

Also my current boss, Ritu Kapoor, has been a constant source of inspiration. We have worked and learned together. She guides me, pushes to achieve my best. But you know she is the same with everyone, if someone is giving their 100%, Ritu adds in her 100% without doubt!

Me: You live this dream life of mine where being on Facebook won’t guarantee you a scolding from dear mommy!

Sohini: Oh no, you’ve no idea how tiring it becomes and yet it is an addiction too strong to let go.

Me: Then how do you find the middle ground between your professional life and your personal life?

Sohini: It becomes quite a tussle because even when I am with my family, it is hard for me to put down my phone. They often tell me, “Will you put down your phone?”

Me: So, you like NEVER completely disconnect from social media?

Sohini: Yeah, when I am sleeping!


We both end up laughing at how hilariously relatable it sounds!

Me: Seeing that you’re in such close quarters with Social media, what would your advice be to budding bloggers and media-preneurs?

Sohini: Create multimedia content, like a lot, focusing just on text, gifs or images alone won’t do anymore. Call it a content buffet! Second, tell the story that no one is telling, because the usual everyone knows, it is unusual they dig.

Me: Talking about the trend these days, videos in demand, so what are your favorite subjects for one?

Sohini: I like to do descriptive videos so that after watching it, the person should not be left wrestling a cloud of questions.


Uploaded by Sohini Guharoy on 2017-11-08.


Me: Looks like you’ve done one as well! Why don’t you tell me about your funny backstage moments?

Sohini: Oh, there are plenty! Like many times I would forget my lines and would blabber on, actually believing them that the camera was off. And all this went into their bloopers reel.

Unable to resist the delicious smell wafting towards us from the kitchen, we took a little pasta break. While chit-chatting, I found Sohini has recently joined a gym to attain the elusive ‘fitness.’ But seeing her dedication, she will definitely get it, unlike others (Psst, it’s me!)

After finishing and stifling the urge to order yet another plate, I choose to give my always-hungry curiosity to take the front seat again.

Me: You are heading the Social Media Team, so how would you describe the responsibility?

Sohini: Social media has long since ceased to be just Facebook and Twitter. It has brought on its own world. Every day we curate more than 100 posts and each one of them has to be customized for the different platforms. Innovation is the key.

Bloggy Boggie

Me: Now we’ll play the hashtag game where you’ll be reposting memories from your life’s timeline according to the tag, ready?

Sohini: I was born ready!

Me: So here we go! #home?

Sohini: Mummy ke hath ka khana!

Me: Ooh! #Yummy?

Sohini: When I lose even a half kilo, my tummy goes all “Let’s have a feast!” Here the yummy comes in.

Me: #DoGood?

Sohini: I’ve helped my share of people, but I feel people learn from their own mistakes.

Me: #followforfollow?

Sohini: Isn’t that the major rule, EVERYWHERE?

Me: You’re one independent earning woman, put things under #My.

Sohini: My freedom, my independence, and my financial stability.

Bloggy Boggie

Me: Well played, Sohini! Coming back to the questions, what are the qualities in people that make you Insta-follow them?

Sohini: A good sense of humor, also people who travel a lot. The pictures they post, oh my! And, as I love wearing sarees, you’ll find many saree pages on my Instagram too!

Me: Well, we’re heading out for a shopping spree after this, why don’t you tell me what makes you feel Insta-good?

Sohini: Good food and sleep!

And we headed out, me in hopes that some shop out there sells some sleep in a box or do you think I should buy her a comfy bed?

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