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Sneha Dhurka Talks ‘Tangerine’ To Her Son

  • IWB Post
  •  April 25, 2015


And here’s comes the last story from our campaign with Tangerine – The Boutique Salon. After Bhawna Wheaton, Ruby Khan and Sangeeta Maithel, it’s time we say hello to a pretty mom Sneha Dhurka and her 19 yr old son, Saharsh.

‘How long is it going to take?’

‘Can we do it within half an hour?’

‘What is this campaign all about?’

‘Lord, why am I so clueless?’

Saharsh was indeed clueless while his mom, Sneha, was smiling non-stop.

Sneha – I am equally new to this campaign, Saharsh._MG_4670a

Saharsh – However, I am more worried about the photographer. Shashank, you’ve been shooting these women in Tangerine getting various beauty treatments done and having a gala time. Salute to you, man!

Shashank (laughs) – On the other hand, I get to meet their sons with various moods. You’re going to be the most interesting._MG_4694a

Meanwhile, Sneha decides to get a pedicure done. Natasha Singh, the Tangerine’s owner, suggests it to be done using Lotus products. Initially, the nails are filed and the cuticle cream are applied. Later, using Lotus foot shampoo and scrub, the basic cleansing are performed. This 45mints-1 hour treatment also includes cleansing by Lotus Crystals, followed by pack and massage.

JWB – Have you ever accompanied your Mom to a beauty salon?

Saharsh – NO! Mujhe ullu bana ke laya gaya hai (I have been tricked to come down here).cover

JWB – You don’t listen to your mom so often, do you?

Saharsh – Of course, I do. When I want some advice, I go to her because I find my solace in her.

JWB – Really?

Saharsh (laughs) – Actually when I want a ‘yes’ for an answer, I go to her._MG_5098a

Sneha – Oh god, such politics!

JWB – This age is way too smart, Sneha. At that, what is that one thing you want to change in him?

Sneha – I wish he would ask me if I had eaten my food or not more often. He just eats and leaves. This age lives in its own world, but I blame the way parenting has been done. Had I made him worry about such issues since childhood, he would have been what I wish him to be.

_MG_5126aSaharsh – But I am not a girl. Daughters do that, right?


_MG_5151aSaharsh – I don’t know if boys ask their mothers about food and all. Only when mum asks me to serve food on the dining table, I do it. However, in a daughter’s case, she herself is so alert about such things.

JWB – ‘Such’ things? Isn’t it the duty of every child to ask if the parents have had their food or not? What does gender has to do with this?

Sneha – Don’t you see your father worrying about me and taking care?_MG_5152a

Saharsh – Well, that’s the husband!

JWB – Hello, Son!?!

Saharsh – Okay!! I will change this habit.

JWB – Thank you! That will make your mother truly happy and proud.cpver2


Saharsh – But yes, talking about papa, he is an example. He cooks sometimes to give maa a break. He even gives her foot massages when she is very tired.

Sneha (smiles) – He can sense when I am in pain and himself offers to help at home._MG_5215a

JWB – That’s a good example of the gender equality.

Saharsh – But I am against people who only talk about women empowerment, even your campaign is about women._MG_4737a

JWB – No offense, but we’re Jaipur Women Blog! However, this campaign is about empowering the son, through the power of motherhood.

Saharsh – Wow, now we’re coming to the point. I was so clueless in the beginning.

JWB – So tell us, how do you support your mum at home?

Saharsh – I let her enjoy her ‘self-time’. Also when she complains of insomnia, I know she wants a Perk chocolate and Pepsi. _MG_4856a

(Everyone laughs)

JWB – What a ‘yummy’ self-time you get to spend, Sneha.

Sneha – My self-time also includes going to movies with Saharsh. He is my companion.

Saharsh – Only when there is no friend to go along with.

Sneha laughs.


Meanwhile, Saharsh mobile phone rings non-stop.

JWB – Friends?

Saharsh – They’re waiting downstairs.

JWB – And mum?

Saharsh – She understands my urgency, right mum?_MG_5050a

Sneha – Oho, go if you want to.

Tangerine staff – We’re almost done.

While wrapping up, we noticed Saharsh picking up his mom’s footwear and placing them right next to her pedicure chair before she stepped down. What a wonderful son with the brilliant upbringing.

JWB – Care for a final portrait?


(From left to right) Tangerine’s Natasha Singh, Sneha, Saharsh and Natasha’s mom.

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