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Smriti Mandhana On Her Prized Shot, Cricket Stance, Attention, Expectations And More

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  •  March 12, 2018

With her finesse at batting and a very charming personality, Smriti Mandhana has slowly become the poster girl for women’s cricket in India.

A left-handed cricketer, Smriti is known for her measured and well-calculated moves. She has become the nation’s darling by giving power packed performances one after the other. She drove India to the finals of the Women’s World Cup last year with her aggressive batting.

While she lost her form for a while she is now performing well. In an interview with BCCI recently, Smriti opened up and talked about her goals, expectations, aspirations and much more.

Talking about the attention that the women’s cricket team is getting post world cup, Smriti said, “After the World Cup, we all knew that everyone’s going to watch us. Each team member has put in the hard work to get fit. Not that we didn’t work hard earlier but now we know that people are going to watch us.” She clearly sounds unfazed with all the attention and is working on her form and fitness which is making her happy.

She also expressed that it is the right time for the women’s cricket team to be in the limelight. She said, “If people are watching us, it will motivate us to do better. People watching and appreciating or criticising will help our team. This is the right time for people to watch women’s cricket.”

“I play cricket for myself. And making India win is the real aim. Other things don’t really matter,” said Smriti talking about all the attention that she has been garnering. She believes that while you should enjoy the pressure it’s not like you are playing for the people and they have expectations from you only because they have seen you perform in the past.

“Because I used to watch with one-and-a-half eyes because of my closed stance. So, I went back to Sangli [her hometown], worked with my coach and tried to come int the open stance and it really helped me. That suited my batting,” she expressed, sharing how she had improved her batting stance. She also shared her favorite shot which is the cover drive.

“I don’t want to complicate things. I just want to go out and enjoy my batting,” says Smriti while discussing her battling goals. Though World Cup still remains the ultimate goal just like any other cricketer. Smriti is ambitious and doesn’t want to win just one World Cup but many.

“It was a good learning experience for me playing in South Africa for the first time. Started off really well with an 84 and a century,” she said talking about the tour to South Africa. She accepted that consistency still remains a challenge and she is working towards it. “When I am scoring runs, I should make all the matches count,” she added.


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