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Sky Is The Limit, Proves Shital Rane-Mahajan, The First Woman To Sky-Dive In A Saree

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  •  February 13, 2018

The sky is literally the limit for Pune girl Shital Rane-Mahajan as she has become the first Indian woman to skydive while wearing a saree in Thailand.

Shital made her dive in a vibrant  ‘Nav-wari saree’ on Monday as she achieved the feat of becoming the first woman to do so. The jubilant adventurist spoke to IANS shortly after her landing and said, “I wanted to do something different with International Women’s Day coming up next month, so I decided on wearing the Maharashtrian ‘Nav-wari sari’ for my skydives.”

She shared how wearing a ‘Nav-wari saree’ itself is a herculean task owing to the 9-yard length of the saree in comparison to the regular 6 yards. She said, “First, to drape the ‘Nav-wari sari’ properly, plus to wear the parachutes on it, the safety gear and communication equipment, helmet, goggles, shoes, etc, add on to and make it all quite a challenge.”

She expressed her elation while sharing that it was because of the favourable weather conditions that she could sky-dive twice at heights of around 13,000. She achieved the feat above the popular tourist spot of Pattaya.

Shital is a woman of many accomplishments and first shot at fame 2004 when she made her first jump sans any practice dives on the Noth Pole as she became the first woman with the accomplishment. She then became the first person in the world to make an Accelerated Free Fall Parachute Jump on the South Pole in Antarctica, from a Twin Otter aircraft in 2006. She also became the first and the youngest woman to achieve the feat at both the Poles. The year 2017 witnessed her becoming the first woman to get nominated for FAI Sabiha Gokcen Medal for completion of skydiving on all seven continents.

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