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  •  January 12, 2014

The kitchen is not just another room in the house, it is its heart and soul. Obviously then, it deserves attention. This, unfortunately, is sometimes lacking. It is a gray and uninviting place. Maybe, it has to do something with attitude women have towards selves. But this is a topic for another article.

At other times, people understand the value of this all important space. The kitchen should be centered around the needs of the family, and more especially around those of the woman of the house, who is its chief manager. It should be made lively and beautiful with plants and pictures and proper lighting. It would cheer up the place to perhaps have a bougainvillea maybe, peeping in from glass windows that would bring in a lot of natural light to the room. Curtains can be used in the kitchen to keep it cozy in the winters as well as to make it more aesthetic and appealing. The addition of items around the kitchen such as well illustrated cookery books or beautiful chinaware, or a larder full of spices, condiments and the like could ignite a desire for cooking even among the amateurs. Having a television or an aquarium in the kitchen could provide simultaneous relaxation to those in the kitchen as well. Storage is very important and items of everyday use should be kept as close to the gas stove as possible. There should also be some form a store in the kitchen area to house the minimum quantities of the basic essentials of cooking. There should be proper ways of getting rid of cooking fumes for which Western concepts of chimneys prove less useful as our kind of cooking chokes them. More indigenous forms of exhaust systems should therefore be considered.  Similarly other indigenous and traditional methods like using a sil-batta to ground fresh spices and the like should find their way back into modern day kitchens as they keep alive an age old form of cooking.
The kitchen should be such as to inspire the members of the house to cook, so that they can all bask in the happiness and satisfaction that this art has to offer. Lastly, the members of the household should take pride in their kitchen, find joy and joie-de-vivre there.

By Rashmi Gupta

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