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Komal Panwar

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Siza Mzimela Becomes The First Black Woman To Start An Airline

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  •  December 5, 2015


Siza launched Fly Blue Crane in September. The airline covers Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Kimberly and Nelspruit. Right now, Fly Blue Crane has two 50 seat air crafts and also offers affordable flights to the underserved South African communities.

It’s taken us a good 18 months to get to our first flight, which was on the first of September, but indeed, a lot of people just assume it happened overnight,” the CEO told CNBC Africa. “I’ve always been passionate in using the airline to open the routes and actually grow the economies of the smaller towns.”

She hopes to provide more frequency in flights and serve more communities.

Watch what she has to say.

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