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Ayushi Agarwal

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Single Dad, Pro At Doing Daughter’s Hair, Takes Classes For Other Dads

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  •  October 10, 2015


There are some things that dads just cannot do, and creating a pretty hair-do tops the chart. Most dads would get an anxiety attack when told that they had to do their daughter’s hair. Aside from choosing a hairstyle, the struggle with a hair-tie would drain most fathers out. There are a series of twists and turns, which if not performed in the prerequisite manner, could result in a sullen, grumpy kid. (That’s why my father swore by hair-bands).

However, this is not the case for Philippe Morgese, a single dad from Florida who has mastered the art of doing her daughter Emma’s hair. He’s so good at it, that he even started a class for all other dads to learn and score some major brownie points at home. (Score!)



Emma was a year old, when Philippe became a single dad. He had a daughter to take care of, and play the role of both a mother and a father. In the beginning, he started teaching himself easy stuff, like pigtails and usage of hair clips. Soon, he has become a pro and started doing more intricate and complicated hairstyles.


I love the time spent with her and she loves the cool hair, so it’s a win-win,” he said.


After recieving a ton of compliments and inquiries from fellow fathers,  Morgese got the idea of getting a group of men together to teach them what he has learned about doing hair.

I get a lot of credit for doing her hair and hear compliments about my role as a father because of it,” he said. “I want other dads to be able to experience that.


Morgese then proceeded to contact a local beauty school ‘International Academy’ and made arrangements for space. He then set a date for the class and began to spread the word via Facebook.

Morgese takes the class for free. He says, “I didn’t want any cost to anybody — I didn’t want to stop anyone from learning,”.


For the first class, seven father-daughter duos showed up and they learnt basic techniques of hair combing, ponytails, buns and braids.


There was some struggling, but all the dads really put in the effort,” he added,“When you hear ‘you are such an awesome dad,’ you start to believe it and let go of the mistakes you make as a parent.”


Philippe plans to hold more classes and his Facebook page goes by the name ‘Daddy Daughter Hair Factory‘. Kudos!

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