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Sing ‘Business Lullabies’ with Pramiti Tiwari – Story 1 on Work Maternal Leaves

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  •  April 28, 2015


Are you following our new campaign ‘Business Lullabies’ in association with Sheroes & DPS, Jaipur? In the campaign, we’re preparing small kiddos from DPS to speak for their working mommies who took work sabbatical when they were born. The motive is to change the mindset of corporate world that thinks such women become less efficient after the break.

After meeting the kids, it’s time we get acquainted with their mothers. Say hello to baby Hrisha’s mom – Pramiti Tiwari – executive engineer in Public Health Department. Hrisha is 6 yrs old, studies in DPS & is one of the kids who are a part of ‘Business Lullabies’. Let us see how Pramiti’s work life is:


I started working in 1998. In 2001, I gave birth to my 1st daughter when I took a 3 months break from work.

Life with Hrisha_MG_4050a

Life with the younger one is always easy as you’re already trained by now. However when she was born, I took a maternity leave of 6 months. When I joined back, I had to travel 11 kms one side to breastfeed her._MG_4059a

With her I worked late at night & even early mornings when she used to sleep. The seniors at work were very kind to let me work from home at times. To keep myself updated with the work during the break, I read work-emails and checked website almost every day.

Life of a mother in govt. sector_MG_4063a

Life is better since you get all types of leaves. Naming few are strict laws for maternity leaves, leaves during miscarriage, leaves on medical ground, etc.

Desire for

I think these philosophies will be a major breakthrough for women employees and support for mothers._MG_4100a


Raising two girls

_MG_4130aAfter listening to them, I help them differentiate between good and bad things. Meanwhile, I get acquainted with those very important and meaningful happenings of their everyday life which might make an impact on their future personality.

After talking to Pramiti, we understand that it depends on one’s strong resolve, as she puts it – ‘I had my priorities set right.’ Let’s wait for stories of other mothers working in different sectors.

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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