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Sing ‘Business Lullabies’ with Dr. Mandira Gupta – Story 3 on Work Maternal Leaves

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  •  May 2, 2015


We hope you are following AND appreciating our new campaign ‘Business Lullabies’ in which we are trying to disrupt the narrow stereotypes of Indian workplaces where women who return to work after maternal leaves are looked down. We have selected 5 working mothers and their small kids studying in DPS, Jaipur, who are currently preparing for a corporate presentation to spread the message – ‘When my mom can nurture me, she can nurture your company too’.

So far we have made you meet Engineer Pramiti Tiwari and Yoga Instructor Prerna Sharma who talked about their struggles during and after maternity leaves from their respective workplaces. Today, let us invite Gynecologist Mandira Gupta of Cocoon Hospital, Jaipur, to share her journey with us. She is the mother of Abhyash whom you will see speaking at the final presentation of campaign ‘Business Lullabies’


I started practicing in 2004. While I was carrying my 1st child, Abhyash’s elder sister, I kept on practicing. I stopped visiting hospitals on a regular basis when she was born and used to visit only during emergency cases. As a doctor, I can’t step back from my duty. Hence, taking a real break wasn’t possible._MG_4209a

In 2008, I conceived again. This period was one of the most central phases of my career, and for a split second I even thought of aborting the child after discussing it with my husband. I had a fear of not giving my best to my yet-to-be-born child and profession. Somehow, I changed my mind and gave birth to Abhyash. I am glad I did so._MG_4310a

After him, I happily took a 2-year long break. I was a Doctor-on-call and only visited patients when I was called upon. Willingly, I didn’t take up extra work from the hospitals.

Home’s Support System

_MG_4383aBy this time kids are already gone to the school, thanks to their daddy. All this is making our kids emotionally strong and independent. Also, I have got a full-time maid to make sure the load of house-chores doesn’t smash on me.

Guilt Factor

I developed a sense of guilt inside me when my baby son was fed bottle-milk or taken care by the maid while I wasn’t around._MG_4412a But then I found a solution to it! I made a point to spend as much time as I can with the kids while I am home.


_MG_4267a In one of the hospitals I worked with, I was forced to shift from gynecological department to medicine. How could I do that? To shift in such a department demands a strong knowledge of medicines, brands, latest additions, etc. I, by no chance, could have achieved all that in just few hours!_MG_4256a

I remained adamant and stayed in my department. Thanks to the feedback of my patients that kept me going and proved others wrong._MG_4350a

On Supporting ‘Business Lullabies’


This conversation shows that Mandira is a wonderful mother as well as a dutiful doctor. Do you have a similar story to share? Inform us about it at

Campaign ‘Business Lullabies’ is in association with Sheroes & DPS, Jaipur.

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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